The Nursing Shortage. Why Nurses Leave the Bedside; A Bedside RN's perspective©
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The Issues, Complaints and Concerns Fueling the Shortage
There are many factors that nurses cite when describing their job dissatisfaction.  The bedside nurse refers to scheduling and lack of control over it; stress; excessive paperwork; lack of support staff; the required performance of non-nursing function; inability to affect a change in the work expected; salaries; benefits; mandatory overtime; involuntary overtime;  involuntary and uncompensated overtime; pt ratio; fear for pt safety and fear for their licenses. 

Nurses and other groups that study them expand upon the cause for disarray and lost labor pool, identifying  the eroding effect upon both the individual and the profession of inability to perform the job well; the exclusionary hegemony inherent in the facilities in which they are employed;  the lack of a) educators, b) mentors, and also c)  non-bedside nurses in positions of power within their facilities and who balance non nurse management and do not merely reinforce it [all three of which are identified as essential support to the nurse both within and in preparation for the job]; the Image of Nursing informed by the a) public image of nursing b) nurse's image of themselves c) the image of nursing by those who manage her; horizontal violence;  diminished self esteem;   and the eroding of needed involvement in professional organizations and lobbying entities thus undermining the profession in entirety .

Other complaints of nurses and sub-grouped or interfaced with one or more of the above are issues of rotation; holiday allotment and its lack of enticements; weekend work; floating; floating to area's outside  area of expertise; punitive measures unfairly excercised by management;  and the inability to hold those who manage her accountable to the effects of the conditions imposed upon both the nurse and the nurse's ability to do her work, endangering her professional responsibility as patient advocate.

All of the above exert affect on The state of nursing itself, [its educational requirements and indoctrination, its code and the ability of nurse lobby groups and of each practitioner  to succesfully lobby on his/her own or communal behalf ] .

ALL of The above issues can be consolidated into two Alpha Factors :
The Environment in which nursing is accomplished, and
the Earnings an RN recieves
Only  by addressing the "alpha factors" will  significant redress of the many insufficiencies of the system excacerbating the current  acute Crisis shortage occur, while laying a foundation to erradicate the longstanding shortage of which the acute Crisis shortage is a hard felt part.
There are Four Responses to the Alpha Factors which would allow for its alleviation.