Chapter One: Magnitude and  Causes   Why Nurses leave the Bedside; An RN's Perspective

Statistics [The methodology based lowdown] 
Nurses Perception on the Shortage [Evidence of RN belief of Shortage] 
Overall RN Population in US  Year 2000, Breakdown of numbers  year 1998
Areas of Clinical Practice of RNs in US
Geographical Distribution of RNs in US
Full/part/non working RN stats
Minority Numbers
Homecare Stats
Hospital Stats
Longterm Care Stats

Chapter One Table of Contents

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Useful Links: 
Trendwatch June 2001, Vol 3, No 2      From the American Hospital Association and the Lewin Group. Trendwatch is a series of reports "highlighting important and emerging trends" this one highlights hospital employees and the factors of the shortage and is part of a resource tool for industry management
Demographics          [from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Bureau of Health Professions,Division of  Nursing and appearing in Nurse Week]
Factors [from the American College of Nursing. Current & Projected Shortage Indicators, Contributing Factors Impacting the Nursing Shortage, identified strategies]
Nursing Shortage Resource Web Link  [an excellent link source, Also from ACN]
Registered Nurse Statistics                   [from The American Association of Critical Care Nurses]