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This webstudy is authored, constructed and maintained by Cynthia Swope. Along with native text, it provides portions and parts of data, graphs,  documents, research abstracts, archived interactive subject discussion, as well as other resources relevant to the subject with which it deals and substantiating the hypothesis it provides. All non-native text and data is identifiable by quotations surrounding, and the direct URL to the source in which it occurs is provided. Images are collected from a variety of sources including but not limited to many university archives, The Library of Congress, nursing history websites, nurse subject webpages,  the nurse pages mounted by the American military, hospital archived images, commercial sites involved in the sale of nurse associated items, nurse uniform history pages, and the cataloguing and or sale of nurse subject books from the pulp fiction era. Unfortunately, computor problems caused many of my source citations for images to be lost. I am going through trying to refind and identify all so that each  are directly linked to their source pages, viewable by clicking directly on them.

For purposes of accurate citation and flow to the content involved in the subject matter,  the identification of source provider for the images presented and,  also, to further this site's presence as resource to nurses and those who study them, direct linking to any page of Why Nurses Leave the Bedside is encouraged .
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