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Much of nurses sentiment about CEOs being overpaid is not borne out by the data on the average CEOs salary as reported below. What IS remarkable is the willingness of the CEOs of hospitals to utilize the remarkably expensive consulting firms they hire to help them determine how to do their jobs. While there has been gross profiteering by both CEOs of the largest Hospital conglomerates [See Tenet] and enormous salaries paid to the CEOs of managed care entities, the average salary of the Hospital CEO is far more modest, although their  willingness to assure their own increasing salaries, while fighting against increases for the primary labor pool of their businesses [RNs] by  irresponsebly suppressing those persons salaries and creating hostile work environements, contributes to the shortage.

"....The median CEO base salary for 2002 is $237,000, but total cash averages paid to CEOs -- base plus incentives -- increased 13.4%. All  data were gathered and analyzed by the Hay Group, in cooperation with the America Society for Healthcare Human Resources  Administration. For more information go to"  Survey: Nurses lead hospital salary increases September 16, 2002. From the American Hospital Association webpages at
"HMO executives have piled up truly extraordinary sums of money for themselves. Even if we accept the industry's argument that executive compensation is a result of stunning new  management techniques and the elimination of inefficiencies, the money in the executives' pockets formerly was spent on health care. " The Robber Barons of Health Care found in Chapter 4  [ The Financial Sting Paying More For Less] in  the Book " Making a Killing "  by Jamie Court & Francis Smith (With a foreward by Ralph Nader)
Table 2 in source shows  that Stephen Wiggins,  CEO of Oxford Health Care earned $30,735,093  in 1997  , the year his company crumbled.  See Table 1 and 2 in source above for more outrageous figures.
Academy Health, an impresive organization contributing methodology, research and literature, states it is dedicated to Health services research and informs "

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