Why Nurses Leave the Bedside; A Bedside RN's perspective
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Tenet Healthcare
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The Tenet Healthcare Foundations CEO and CFO  exercised their stock options in  2002 together worth 121 million dollars . Their online webpages inform they have With 27,882 licensed beds, 114 acute care hospitals owned and operated by Tenet subsidiaries in 16 states.  Tenets online presence dedicated to Nursing and its recruitment shows a relaxed woman and the banner "Tenet-Just bring Yourself" . Don't bring any hopes for reasonable managerial action towards their nursing staff. Just Bringing yourself has forced litigation by 40 asian nurses who were laid off in response to their involvement in the recent nursing strikes against this entity. 

Description and Financial Status:
"Tenet Healthcare Foundation, established in 1998, is a not-for-profit charitable foundation sponsored by Tenet Healthcare Corporation." Homepage for the Corporation  [See description of not-for-profit hospitals] . "Tenet is the second largest investor-owned health care services company in the United States. Tenet's key profit center was and is Redding Medical Center ("RMC"), a 238-bed, general hospital located at 1100  Butte Street, Redding, California 96001." [Weiss and Yourman, Attorneys for the plaintiff ] . "This Santa Barbara-based company, which owns or operates 113 hospitals and related businesses in 16 states" is currently facing litigation "triggered by an insurance company reporting concerns over billings for a higher-than-average number of procedures, such as heart surgeries, that qualify for the payments." [HeartLaw.Info. Redding Malpractice Info. Study: Tenet Charges Higher Drug Prices Than Other Hospitals. Excerpted from SacBee.com, Sunday, 24 November 2002].  Currently the corporation faces litigation from Heart Surgery patients and its stockholders, with  its CEO and CFO Barbakow and Mackey named in fraud and deceit by members of their Stockholding community. Both men were dismissed in Nov, 2002, but both left with handsome bank accounts. The litigation forced the company to begin  an internal review of pricing, including of pharmaceuticals, that it expects to complete next month, said Tenet spokesman Harry Anderson [reported Sunday, 24 November 2002 The Sacramento Bee]."Its stock has plunged 70 percent in the past year. " [Tenet, nurse's union reach agreement. From  allnurses.com, Friday May 2, 2003]  The current cost vs profit margin of the corporation continues to show ongoing financial health although the  current evalution of Tenet for its current and potential owners is not as strong as before the recent litigation.

"Tenet said earlier this month that the federal government was investigating its so-called "outlier" payments, which Medicare -- the federal health program for the elderly -- pays to defray costs of the most expensive cases....Redding Medical Center was fifth on the nurses group's list of Tenet hospitals in California charging highest drug charges. It marked up drugs 1,465 percent, the group said" Study: Tenet Charges Higher Drug Prices Than Other Hospitals. See also Pharmaceuticals, the Industry, and its Competition with Nurses, another subject within this study , an often unevaluated but major competitor to nurses in the hospital system [by diminishing the slice available to nurses, the primary employee of all the nations hospital at 70%]..

Who's in charge at Tenet Hospitals and What do They make?

Nursing at Tenet: