Logan Family History

Pre America: The Logan Family History In Europe

Our Logan Immigrant appears in the substantial form of 1692 arriving Quaker James Logan, William Penn's steward in his colony and, on Penn's death, employee of Penn's heirs. With the death of  William Penn, the proprietary policy of brokering with the natives resident [See Treaties with the Natives of Pennsylvania] and not those claiming domination over them was changed-Conrad Weiser and James Logan played key roles in this evolution. Vital to all of Pennsylvania's treaties with the natives until his death, Logn often entertained hundreds  of natives at his home "Stenton" in Germantown, now part of greater Philadelphia.  Just as he entertained the Delaware ,  Logan entertained their enemy the Iroquois,  where, due to the shift in policy occasioned by Penn's more impatient and greedy heirs, Logan's own interest in continued expansion [he was Surveyor General as well ] , and the friendship of Conrad Weiser with the Iroquois,   he forged the policies evident in the treaties signed with this nation post Penn's death, which in fact involved lands of other Native Americans  resident in the portions of Pennsylvania involved [See Shawnee , Munsee and Delaware Indians] .  Logan   had no small role in the planning and execution of both the Purchase of "All Lands West of the Susquehanna" from the Iroquois in 1737 and  The Walking Purchase. of 1738.  As Surveyor General of the colony, he also had significant hand in  the manner in which  white settlement occured.

The Iroquois, adept statesmen with a century of contact with the European predating this time of Penna history, had spent the century previous consolidating by war and dominance their position in the lucrative European fur trade while mastering their diplomacy with the Dutch, and then British , Colonial Governments.

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