The McGehee Bible in 1932 was in the possession of Jabe's daughter Ethel May McGehee [Mrs. L C Ryan] . It is viewable at  Georgia Bible Records

(possession of Mrs. L. C. Ryan)________missing
Jabus Everett and Sarah Frances McGehee were married Nov. ______1856.
Norton Fletcher Buff and Eleanor America McGehee were married _______1882.
J. P. Howard and Fannie Beatrice McGehee were married June 15, 18________.
Thomas Singletary and Martha Clayborn McGehee were married Apr. 5, 1885.
Henry Fall Harvard and Nealie McGehee were married Nov. 15, 1893.
John William McGehee were married Dec. 12th to Mrs. Casy, 1900.
Lawrence C. Ryan and Ethel May McGehee were married Jan. 8, 1902.
J. T. McGehee was married to Robie Coleman ______________.
Jabus E. McGehee was born Oct. 16, 1838.
Sarah Frances Cofield (McGehee) was born Jan. 13, 1840.
Eleanor America McGehee was born November 18, 1857.
Frances Beatrice McGehee was born Oct. 11, 1859.
Martha Claiborn McGehee was born 25th of Jan. 1866.
John William McGehee was born April 19th, 1869 (Monday).
Cornelia McGehee was born Feb. 15th, 1875.
Thomas Jabe McGehee was born 11th of June 1880.
Orlando N. McGehee was born May 18th, 1863.
Ethel May McGehee was born 26th of October 1882.
Orlando Normond McGehee died Nov. 2nd, 1865.
Jabus E. McGehee died July 28th, 1887.
Fannie Beatrice Howard died 15 Jan. 1896.
J. P. Howard died 1896.
Sarah Frances McGehee died Sept. 30, 1914, Wednesday night, 11 P.M. Hawkinsville, Ga.
Eleanor A. Buff died Sept. 27th, 1929, Friday morning at 7 A.M.
Eleanor Harvard died Dec. 8, 1895.
Thomas McGehee Singletary died Tuesday June 6th, 1899.
Sarah Frances Cofield b 1/13/1840 - d 9/30/1914 buried Hawkinsville, GA.
m 11/9/1856 to Jabus Everett McGehee b 10/16/1838 - d 7/28/1887
They had eight children:
Eleanor America b 11/18/1857 - d 9/27/1929
Fannie Beatrice b 10/11/1859 - d 1/15/1896
Orlando N. b 5/18/1863 - d 11/2/1865
Martha Clayborn b 1/25/1866 - d ?
John William b 4/19/1869 - d ?
Cornelia b 1875 d 1963.
Thomas Jabe b 6/11/1880 - d 1947
Ethel May b 10/26/1882 - d?