Our American Immigrants and William the Conqueror

Our Howard and Allied Familes involving Surnames Folliot, Cole, and Hansford of Virginia all descend from Wm the Conqueror .
Our Swope and Allied related Stewart line of Bute Scotland and later Rathlin Island , Antrim, Ireland also holds Wm direct. The Stewart line intermarried with the McCurdy line in Ireland in the 17th century, and McCurdy progeny emmigrated to Penna in the 1720s. . McCurdy descendants of Penna found in the Swope and Allied ascendancy are thus also direct to the Conqueror . These pages show the descendancy of Wm the Conqueror to Folliot, Cole and Hansford (Va) and McCurdy (of Pa).

First Page

William the Conqueror is part of our Norman English Lines , studied in our Normans and their Invasions. Williams  Ascendancy involves the Carolingian kings. He descends to both the Howard and Allied Family via the Folliot, Hansford and Cole Families later found as emmigrants in Virgina, and the Swope and Allied Study via the Stewart marriage in 1666 to the McCurdy's later emmigrating from Antrim Ireland to Lancaster County, Pa. 


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