Will of John Woodson of Henrico Co. Dec. 10, 1699 . Proved May 1, 1700 .

Will of John Woodson
The Valentine Papers, Vol 1-4, 1864-1908
John Woodson, Jr. of Henrico Co. in Virga. Will of;

To wife Mary Woodson half of land and Plantacon whereon I now live, during her natural life, likewise three negroes named Sambo , Jack and Jenny , also 2 feather beds & furniture; all the English Goods that are now in my store house wch of right doth belong and appertaine unto me with all Virga debts now due unto me Either in Moneys, Tobacco or otherways: also one Dozen of Diaper napkins and Diaper tablecloth with one Dozen of course lining Ditto with Tablecloth, one third part of all pewter now in ye house or on that plantacon whereon I now Dwell, with all goods and chattles not within this my last will bequeathed unto my above sd. loving wife. Mary . To daughter Jane Woodson being my Eldest and sole Daughter 1 negro girl Matt , 1 Dozen (Dia) per Napkins and Tablecloth, 1 large Seal skin trunk four Rus (sia) leather chairs: one fifth part of money. Tobacco or Merchandise that is in England , on the Sea or lately arrived, one feather bed wth furniture, one mare not broak about five years old, one young horse running Doun by James Cocke 's, one pair of brass and Irons (Andirons). To son Joseph Woodson 120 acres of land lying next my brother John Pleasants taking its parralell breadth & length from ye River to ye headline. sd. son Joseph being my Eldest son one-fifth part of the Monys, Tobacco, or Merchandise that is in England on the Sea or lately arrived, likewise 100 acres lying in a place called Claytons in Henrico Coty. , also 1 negro boy named Bill four Rusha leather chairs, my own rideing horse named Diamond, 1 feather bed and furniture, 1 huckaback Table cloth wth 1 dozn Lining Napkins. To second son Samuell Tucker Woodson remaining part of land whereon I now live being about 60 acres; 1 negro girl named Betty , 1 feather bed & furniture, 1 fifth part of the Monys tobacco or Merchandise that is in England , on the Seas, or lately arrived, four Rusha Leather chairs, 1 young horse roving about the plantacon where I now live, the foale of a mare called Rose., also 250 acres of land in Henrico Co. on S. side of four mile Creek ; being part of a Greater Dividend Granted to me by Pattent, also all the land lying in Burmooda hundred in Henrico Co. wch belongeth unto me. One huckaback Tablecloth and a Dozen of lining Napkins. To third son Benjamin Woodson 200 acres of land lying in ye River adj. to Giles Webbs Land which I purchased of Will. Giles , also 1 negro boy named Joe , 1 feather bed & furniture, 1 fifth part of Monys, Tobo. or Merchandise that is in England on the seas or lately arrived. 1 table cloth and a dozen Napkins & 1 large chest. To the child my wife now goes with, 100 acres of land being part of three hundred acres formerly purchased of Wm. Giles , 1 negro boy named Peter , a fifth part of ye monys tobac. or Merchandize that is in England , on the Seas or lately arrived. My sd. daughter Jane 's portion to be delivered to her when she is marryed or at ye age of twenty years which first shall happen, and my Sons Joseph , Samll. Tucker , Benjamin , and the child my wife now goes with to have their portions delivered them when they are at ye age of twenty-one years, & not before, but if it should happen that any or either of the five above said respective sons or Daughters should happen to die before they arrive to the afsd. age that then him or her or their part or parts to be Equally Divided amongst the Surviving parties or Children at the Discretion of my Exors. To Cozen John Woodson, Sr. 600 acres of land or thereabouts adj. next & upon Cornelius and Divided from the Remaining part of the tract by marked trees as by a plott of Richard Liggons Drawing may appeare. To brother John Pleasants the remaining part of a pattent being about 400 acres on the North Side of four Mile Creek . Couzen John Woodson Sr. to act and manage my affairs concerning making accts wth John Marsh and Co. and to act that affair as if I were present. Exors. Friends John Woodson, Sr. and John Pleasants . Dec. 10, 1699 . Wits. Mathew Raysons , Edward Hugh . Nathaniel Jordan , Charles (Evans?) Proved May 1, 1700 .