York Town Associators-1776; Spangler and Allied Relevant
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York Town Associators-1776
                 A list of Part of the Inhabitants of York Town, Associators under Captain  Rudolf Spengler
                 1st Lt. Peter Reel          2nd Lt. George Shuch
                 Ensign Christopher Stayer   Sgt. John Fishel
                 Cleck Geo. Lewis Lefler     Jacob Schuch
                 John Connselmann                Henry Welsh
                 Henry Bentz, son of Phillip    Peter Schwartz
                 Frederick Dambach           Henry Brobeck
                 George Beyer                Henry Wolf, Jr.
                 Francis Thomas              Johannes Dallman
                 George Craft                Jo's Weissang
                 Christian Sinn              John Shall
                 Jacob Schneerer             Dan'l Spengler
                 Abraham Sittler             Peter King
                 Geo. Nebbinger              Herman Cookes
                 Jacob Wolf                  Jos. Rothrock
                 Jno. Detter                 Phillip Entler
                 Henry Wolf, son of Jn'o     Conrad Holtzbaum
                 George Wolf                 Fred'k Bickel
                 Charistian Ilgenfritz       Fred'k Bringman
                 John Smith                  Hartman Deitsh
                 Hartman Deitsh              Valentine Brenneisy
                 Simon Snyder                Martin Crever
                 Daniel Barnitz              Nicholas Brand
                 Weyrick Bentz               John Immel
                 Andrew Hertzog              Mathias Zimmer
                 Geo. Carman                 Conrad Leatherman
                Henry Bentz, son of John    James Wallace
Brother to our direct Peter Bentz
                 Luke Rous                   George Snyder

York Co. Volunteer Listings Part 1

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