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Please not that in most presentations of this list, made from a muster to establish who had died, there is not mention of the survivors of the attack included on it or in fact were missing. . It was not assumed there were survivors  at the time of the muster. All Jamestown knew was that persons were missing, and it was assumed some had been taken into the outposts to be killed and or mutilated.  But among those on the list are several who were later  retuned to the colony. all of Martin's Hundred, and all women, who had been forced to lives of slavery within the Powhatan Confederacy. One, upon return by payment of a ransom, found that the ransom payer expected her to prolong the service of her husband, whose contract had been cut short by the massacre.

but lost at the time of the muster, later returned in part to Jamestown, and all women taken into captivity duringthe assault.

"Edward Waterhouse, a secretary for the Virginia Company, reported in his official Declaration of the State of the Colony and a Relation of the Barbarous Massacre that 77 peopleˇ52 men, 16 women, six children, and three unspecifiedˇwere killed in the attack at MartinÝs  Hundred alone. However, Waterhouse overestimated the number slain, for he listed as dead several women who were unaccounted for and were presumed killed but who were, in fact, captives. At least 58 colonists died at the  plantation, and the dazed and despairing survivors had every reason to  believe that those missing had either been killed in inaccessible areas, hacked  or burned beyond recognition, or captured, which they believed would lead to   certain death.....Slowly, however, Englishmen on both sides of the Atlantic came to believe that   a number of women from MartinÝs Hundred who had been presumed killed by  the Indians were still alive. A year after the uprising, Richard Frethorne, a  settler in Wolstenholme Towne, reported that the Powhatans held 15 people from that plantation in their villages, while another source indicated that there  were ý19 English persons retayned . . . in great slaveryţ among the Indians  and that ýthere were none but women in Captivitie . . . for the men they tooke  they putt . . . to death.ţ " http://americanhistory.about.com/library/prm/blmartinshundred.htm

Among them were women of Martins Hundred, and they were later returned to Jamestown in exchange for peace. AMong those in the muster are Mistress Boyse, sent march 1623 dressed like an Indian ýQueen,ţ  "With her at the Indian stronghold near present-day
                                                          West Point, Virginia, were Mistress Jeffries, wife of Nathaniel Jeffries who
                                                          survived the uprising, and Jane Dickenson, wife of Ralph Dickenson, an
                                                          indentured servant slain in the assault. "

"It soon became clear that the fate of the missing women depended not upon official concern or humanitarian instincts but upon the principle that everything  and everybody had a price. Near the end of 1623, more than a year and a half  after the uprising, the prosperous Dr. Pott ransomed Jane Dickenson and other women from the Indians for a few pounds of trade beads. ?After her release, Dickenson learned that she owed a debt of labor to Dr. Pott   for the ransom he had paid and for the three years of service that her  deceased husband had left on his contract of servitude at the time of his  death. She complained bitterly that her new ýservitude . . . differeth not from her slavery with the Indians.ţ
By 1624, no more than seven of the fifteen to twenty hostages had arrived in   Jamestown. The majority of them returned with Jane Dickenson. Those who did  not come back were presumed killed during the 1622 attack, although one captive, Anne Jackson, was not returned until 1630. Mistress Boyse, the first of the missing women to rejoin the colony, was not mentioned in official records following her return. Another of the captives, Mistress Jeffries, died within a few  months of her release. Anne Jackson probably returned to the colony badly     broken from the consequences of her captivity, for in 1630 the council ordered  that she ýbee sent for England with the first opportunity,ţ with the stipulation  that her brother take care of her until she was on board a ship. Nothing more was heard of Jane Dickenson after she petitioned the council in March 1624 for  release from her ýslaveryţ with Dr. Pott.

This List of the Dead of Jamestown was  Abstracted and compiled by Linda Chandler © 1999, See Copyright

The list of dead in the Massacre of 1622
According to "The Records of  the Virginia Company of London"
Pages 565-571     Volume III Í1933 US Government printing office

22 March Last, to the end that their lawful heirs (heyres in original text) may take speedy order for the inheriting of their lands and estates there: For which the Honorable Company of Virginia are ready doe them all rights and favor.

At Captain Berckley's  Plantation seated at the Falling Creek, some 66 miles from James Citty Co, Virginia.

John Berkley, esq             Robert Horner Mason
Thomas Brasington             Philip Barnes
John Sawyer                   William Swandal
Roger David                   Robert Williams, wife & child
Francis Gowsh                 Giles Bradshawe, wife & child
Bartholomew Peram             John Howlet, and son
Giles Peram                   Thomas Wood, and Collin's his man
John Dowler                   Joseph Fitch Apothecary to Dr Pots
Laurence Dowler
Lewis Williams
Richard Boscough
Thomas Holland
John Hunt

At Master Thomas Sheffields Plantation, some 3 miles from the Falling Creek.

Master Thomas Sheffield       Mathew_____
& Rachael his wife            Judeth Howard
John Reeve                    Thomas Poole
William Tyler, a boy          Methusalem_____
Samuel Reeve                  Thomas Taylor
John Ellen                    William Tyler
Robert Tyler, a boy

At Henrico Iland, about 2 miles from Sheffield's Plantation.

____Adkins                   William Perigo
____Weston                   Owen Jones, one of Capt
Philip Shatford              Berkley's people.

Slain of Colledge People, 2 miles from Henrico Citie

Samuel Stringer              Thomas Cooke
George Soldan                John Clements
William Basset               James Faulkoner
John Perry                   Christopher Henley
Edward Ember                 William Jordan

Jarret Moore                 Robert Davis
Thomas Xerles                Thomas Hobson
Thomas Freeman               William Baily
John Allen

At Apo-mattucke River at Master Abraham Pierce, His Plantation 5 miles from the Colledge People

William Charte              John Baker, a boy
John Waterhouse             Robert Yeoman

At charles Citie, about the precincts of Capt. Smith's Company

Roger Royal                 Edward Heydon
Thomas Jones                Henry Bushel
Robert Maurel

At Plantations adjoining

Richard Prat, & brother     Richard, a boy
Henry Milward, wife,        Goodwife Redhead
Child, and sister

At Mr. William Farrar's House

Master John England,       Thomas, his man
and his man
John Bel                   James Woodshaw
Henricke Peterson, Alice   Mary, a servant
His wife, William, his     Elizabeth, a servant

At Berkley-Hundred, 5 miles from Charles Citie

Capt George Thrope, Esq    Giles Bradway
John Rowles                Richard Fereby
Richard Rowles, wife       Thomas Thrope
And child                  Robert Jordan
Giles Wilkins              Edward Painter

At Westover, 1 mile from Berkley-Hundred

James English              Richard Dash

At Master John West's Plantation

Christopher Turner         David Owen

At Capt Nathaniel West's

Michael Aleworth           John Wright

At Lt. Gib's his Dividend

John Paly                  Richard Waineham
Thomas Ratcliffe           Benomy Reyman
Michael Booker             Thomas Gay
John Higglet               James Vpfall
Nathaniel Earle            Daniel _____Mr Dombelowes
John Gibbes                man
Willaim Parker

At Mr. Richard Owens house

Richard Owens              One old maide called
Stephen Dubo               Margaret
Francis, an Irishman       William Reeve
Thomas Paine

At Master Owen Macar's house

Owen Macar                    Richard Yeaw
Garret Farrel                 one boy

At Master Macock's Dividend

Capt Samuel Macock, esq       Thomas Browne
Edward Leister, a             John Downes
Signer of the Mayflower

At Flowerdieu-Hundred, Sir George Yeardley's Plantation

John Philips                  Robert Taylor
Thomas Nufon                  Samuel Jarret
John Bradford                 Elizabeth Bennet

At the other side of the River from Flowerdieu-Hundred

Master Hobson, & his wife     Thomas Philips
Richard Storks                Richard Campton
John Slaughter                Anne Greene

At Mr Swinhowe's house

Mistress Swinhowe,            John Larkin
 son Thomas                   William Blyth
And son George                Thomas Grindal
Richard Mosse

At Mr. William Bikars house

William Bykar                 Edward Peirce
Mathew Hawthorn &             Nicholas Howsdon

At Weynoack of Sir George Yeardley's people

Nathaniel Elie                Thomas Ap-Richard
John Flores                   Henry Haynes
Henry Gape                    John Blewet
___Buckingham                 Henry Rice
William Pusset                ____Hurt
William Walker                Jonas Alport
John Gray                     Thomas Stephens

James Boate                   Samuel Goodwine
John Suersby                  John Snow & his boy
Thomas Evans                  Margery Blewet

At Powel-brooke

Capt. Nathan Powel, esq       Thomas Woolcher
His wife dau of Mr Tracy      William Meakins
Mistress Bray                 Robert ____
Adam Rayner's wife            Peter Jordan
Barbara Burges                Peter Goodale
William Head

At Southampton-Hundred

Robert Goffe, his wife        John Davis
William Larkum                William Mountfort

At Martin Brandon's

Lt Sanders                    2 boys
Ensigne Sherley               Mathew, a Polander
John Taylor & wife

At Capt Spilman's

John Basingthwayte            Walter Shawe

At Ensigne Spence's house

William Richmond              William Fierfax
John Fowler                   the Tinker
Alexander Bale

Persons slain at Martin's -Hundred 7 miles from James Citie

Lt, Richard Kean              Edward How, his wife
Master Thomas Boise           & child
Mrs Boise and baby            child of John Jackson
4 of his men                  4 man-servants
a maide                       Ralphe Digginson & wife and servant
2 children                    Richard Cholfer
Nathaniel Jefferies wife      George Jones
Margaret Davis                Cisley Cooke & wife
Richard Staples               David Bons
His wife & child              John Bennet
2 maides                      John Mason
6 men and boys                William Pawmet
Walter Davis & brother        Thomas Bats
Christopher Guillam           Peter Lightburrow
Thomas Combar                 James Thorley
3 servants                    Robert Walden
John Boise & wife             Thomas Tolling
A maide                       John Butler
4 man-servants                Maximillian Russel

Laurence Wats & wife          Henry, a Welsh-man
2 man-servants                Timothy Moise, his man
Henry Bromage & wife
His daughter and

At Thomas Peirce House over against Mulberry Island

Thoma Peirce & wife          John Samon
And child                    a French boy
John Hopkins

At Edward Bennet's Plantation

Thomas Brewood & wife       Richard Lewis
His child, 2 servants       Edward Towse
Thomas Ferris               Remember Michel
George Cole                 ____Bullocke
Robert Gray                 Richard Chandler
John Griffin                Henry Moore
Ensigne Harrison            Nicholas Hunt
John Costard                John Corderoy
David Barry                 Richard Cockwell
Thomas Sheppard             John Howard
Henry Price                 Mrs Harrison
Robert ____                 Rebbecca____
Alice Jones                 Master Prowse
Thomas Cooke                Hugh_____
Philip Worth                John______
Mathew a maide              Edward____
Francis Winder              Mrs Chamberlen
Thomas Couly                Parnel a maide
Richard Woodward            Humfrey Sherbrooke
Humfrey Cropen              John Wilkins
Thomas Bacon                John Burton
Evan Watkins

Mr. John Pounti's men:

John Scotchmore            Edward Turner

Lt Peirce Man:

Edward Brewster

Capt Whittaker's man:

Thomas Holland

At Master Walter's house

Edward Walters            a maide
& His wifea boy
and child

A TOTAL OF 347 men, women, and children.

Abstracted and compiled by Linda Chandler © 1999
                                                                                         Do NOT copy without my copyright intact
                                                                   Do NOT include in any material for sell any information hereinto.

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