The McCurdy Family Study : Revolutionary Service of Robert McCurdy m Anne Creighton [see link to his Genealogical Study] 
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This Page: Robert McCurdy's Revolutionary Service:

A) Cards from the Penna Archives

B) List of McCurdy/McCurdays in the Revolution [in which Robert is shown] 
from DAR Patriot Index Centenniel Edition

C) Robert McCurdy's  Specific Revolutionary Service 

D) Some General Links to the Revolution

His Cards From the Penna Archives: 

This next card is not likely he, as he is with known precense in York [now Adams County] in 1780
DAR Patriot Index - Centennial Edition: LISTINGS FOR MCCURDY/McCURDAY: Robert is shown (and highlighted) 
McCurdy/McCurdays of  Rev War:
  • Alexander: born 1754 Ire., died Jan. 6 1839 PA, mar. ____, Pvt., PA, PNSR
  • Archibald: b. Apr. 16, 1752 NC, mar.(1) Margaret Sellers, (2) Elizabeth Greeley, Capt.,NC, PNSR, WPNS
  • Hugh: b.c. 1751 Ire., d.Apr. 10, 1832 PA, mar. Grasselia Walker, Pvt., PA
  • James: b.c. 1735 PA, d.c. Mar.23, 1803 PA, mar. Elizabeth ---, PS, PA
  • James: b.c. 1748 PA, d.c. Jul. 21, 1806 PA, mar. Ann ---, Pvt., PA
  • James: b. 1751 SCT, d.Aug. 1828 PA, mar. Mary McCreary, Pvt., CL, PA
  • James: b. 1756 IRE, d. p. Feb. 17, 1834 PA, mar. Nancy McKinney, Pvt.,
  • PA. PNSR
  • John: b.1724 IRE, d. Nov. 10, 1785 CT, mar. Anne Lord, CS, PS, CT
  • John: b. Mar. 4, 1760 MA, d. p. 1812 NY, mar. Mary Reeves, Pvt., MA
  • John: b. 1746 NH, d. Jun. 4, 1824 NH, mar. Nancy Cochran, Pvt., NH, PNSR
  • John: b. 1718 IRE, d. Aug. 6, 1813 NH, mar. Mary Scoby, PS, NH
  • John: b. c. 1735 IRE, d. 1820 PA, mar. Mary Fox, 2Lt. CL, PA
  • John Jr.: b. c. 1758 PA, d. p. 1809 GA, mar. Elizabeth Groves, Pvt. PA
  • Robert: b. 1736 PA, d. May 16, 1810 PA, mar. Ann Creighton, Capt., PA [See Genealogical Study Robert McCURDY married Anne CREIGHTON]
  • Robert: b. c. 1750 SC, d. a. Mar. 6, 1803 SC, mar. Mary Watson, PS, SC
  • Thomas: b. 1741-51, d. Sep. 1821 KY, mar. Mary ---, Pvt., CL, PS, NC
  • William: b. 1730 IRE, d. 1822 PA, mar. Mary ---, Capt., PA
Various Sources Report Robert McCurdy's Revolutionary Service: 
He served with the Pennsylvania Militia of the Revolutionsry War
  • Robert McCurdy was žcaptain of Draught company of Lower end of Leacock twp, 7th Co., 7th Batt., L.C.M., commanded by Col. John Boyd elected May 1777. PA Archives Series 5, Vol VII p 653 for roll of Company see also p. 639.Ó From  post
  • PA žSeries II, Vol 13, page 360 shows Lancaster Co. Militia 1777 : 7th Battalion, 7th Co., Capt Robert McCurdy.Ó4

  • The National Society of the DAR Volume 67  page 220; Mrs. Laura Fowler St. Clair. DAR ID Number: 66603 shows:
    • James Abram*, served, 1777, as sergeant in Capt. Robert McCurdy's company, 7th battalion, Lancaster County militia, under Col. George Boyd.
      • *Sergeant James Abram born in Ireland ,  died in Allegheny County, Pa., was married to Eleanor  BRISBON.   See BRISBEN Connection to our McCurdy Line]
  •  Robert McCurdy was lieutenant-colonel of the Fifth Battalion, Lancaster County Militia, commanded by Colonel James Crawford**, Captain James Mercer. "Momleers Authentic History of Lancaster County" says "James Mercer Major", "Robert McCurdy Captain".3
  • [An entry at the Adams County Historical society (citing a researcher without source notation)  shows him Lieutenant 8th Battalion, Lancaster County Militia, commanded by Col James Crawford**, Captain James Mercer. 9 Jan 1777.]
      **It appears from some sources that the John Boyd mentioned above was in third Company Seventh Batallion. " HAMILTON, JAMES 1743-1815. Private, Capt. John Rowland's Company, Col. John Ferree's Battalion, Lancaster County, PA Associators, July 5, 1775; First Lt., Third Company, Seventh Battalion, Col. John Boyd, Lancaster County, PA Militia, Dec. 8, 1777. [sons of the Revolution 1898]
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