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Why Nurses Leave the Bedside. The Nursing Shortage:  A Bedside RN's perspective
The intent of these pages is to identify the factors and magnitude of  the nursing shortage thus giving positive outlet for my own considerable professional frustration. Begun during a period of professional hiatus after 19 years of nursing,  I have advanced my own understanding of the many complicated and seemingly insurmountable factors involved, often finding myself overwhelmed with the problems and subtexts inherent in the issue. The statistics are staggering, but they are not surprising. The layers are thick, but they can be peeled back.

Despite the complexity, there are in fact only two alpha factors fueling the current crisis shortage and there exist four responses that, if implemented, would address the current Crisis nursing shortage in a meaningful and immediate way, relieve the pressures of the alpha factors, and provide sound foundation for erradication of the longstanding shortage cycle of which the Crisis shortage is part, thus allowinging the market to address in a calmer environment the additional long-term solutions required in the dynamic Healthcare Industry in  its local environments. 

Included are some pages more subjective in nature, as I attempt to make sense of what I've found  and am finding, and which are evident as subjective when they occur. This project was undertaken as a positive outlet, propelled by frustration and with considerable self interest, meant to address the need for interior evaluation of exterior forces impinging my desire to nurse, and  helping me to determine if I am or am not able to remain vital within the Industry as one of its direct care Nurses. 

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