Why Nurses Leave the Bedside; A Bedside RN's perspective
It only Feels as Bad as it is: The RN as Endangered Species


In aggregate the studies can be presented with the endangered species in mind. 

Statisticsspeak of our geographic distribution, our vitality as individuals within our environments,   our numbers in terms of race, sex, age and education, and our speciel subgrouping in terms of areas of practice in which we are to be found.

Causative Factors   speak of the positive and negative components in the environment impacting on our statistics, factors affecting the ability  to thrive and identification of  predators to our sense of well being

Reproductive rates of the RN as species likewise receive attention, commenting that we do not reproduce a next generation able to flourish and assure the species future, while we also suffer ineptitudes in nurturing  our professional young when they are produced. Studies and attempts to address and reverse the factors affecting our  reproductive and nurturing indices further support this concept of our profession. 

Finally, there are interventionsmeant to foster growth in, and assure the survival of, the current population including short and longterm measures directed both at the nurse herself and meant to improve the individuals longevity, thrivability and reproductive ability,  and the environments in which she is found. 
Among the short term measures is a proliferation of grants and aid for nursing students; the introduction, and encouragement in migration of,   Foreign nurse species more able to flourish in the current local environments;  the reintroduction of native organisms in the form of : Bonuses and Sign-ons.
Among the long term measures are educational incentives by and in the local envirnoments [facilities]; efforts to change  how nursing is perceived within and outside the environment; the ability of the species to exert meaningful influence on the environment,  inclusion of nurse's voices in the management hegemony;  salary adjustments, etc.


IMAGE info. Cadet Nurse: The Girl  With a Future. US Govt Printing Office 1944. Image from Women at War on Online Exhibit by Walter Clinton Jackson Library