Why Nurses Leave The Bedside. The Nursing Shortage: A Bedside RN's  Perspective
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Chapter: Nursing and Nurses 
Topic: The  Image of Nursing : Introduction and Table of Contents

The current state of, and effect of received image from all with whom a nurse interacts,  upon  the self image of nurses and the general image of nursing as a career receives much study in the literature.  It is widely recognized that image , recruitment, and retention are part of a self-feeding circle, and that until the image of nursing changes,  it will continue to suffer the very things contributing to its poor image: ineffective voice, alienation from the power structures influencing the environment in which it occurs,  absence of the economic benefits to which it is entitled, and  lack of  prestige ... all of which demand reversal to break the circle. 

    Page Table of Contents: 
    • Our Internal Strife. Self Image Title and Gateway page 
    • Nursing Education, its disarray and effect 
      • Associated Page: Nurse or "Health Care Specialist"? 

      • The push among acamadicians  to change the term "Nurse" in order to encourage needed males [a largely untapped labor pool]  into the nurse workforce and discussion on the implication that  nursing image  will only  improve  through increased male  precense in that capacity
    • Public Image of Nursing and Nurses
    • Management's Image and that impact on Nurses
    • Nursing's Unheeded Voice and the impact on image 



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