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Michael Bear
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Michael Bear here describes id Felt likely a relative or collaterol to John Swope.
He is among Cynthia's Most Wanted


In Orphans Court 5th Feb 1745/6 at Lancaster, John Swop is mentioned as guardian, along with Gabriel Carpenter, of  î Andrew Bear, Catherine Bear, and Margaret Bear, orphan children of Michael Bear, deceased. ěThis orphans court was held at Lancaster the 5th day of Febuary 1745/6 before David Jones, Conrad Weiser and Emmanuel Carpenter [Orphans Docket for children of Michael Bear. The Penn Geneological Society. Volume XXIV, Genealogical Gleanings from Orphans Court Records of Lancaster County, Page 22. Part of Genforum Library collection]   I am not clear on the Bear Relationship to our John Swope and if it extended to blood.

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