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The McCurdy line of the Swope Allied Ascendancy is known historically to the mid 15th, and, it is with the marriage of a McCurdy direct to our Stewart forebear in the mid 17th that we again  gain ascendancy to the peerage and too to the royalty of Scotland...thus garnering an enjoyable vehicle for the study of  the medieval period and dark ages via our direct line ancestors of Wales, England, Scotland, Ireland, etc. 
We hold direct  the Scot royal house of Stewart through King Robert II Stewart [husband to the Bruce's daughter- though she is not direct to us] . Through him, we gain our most ancient assured ancestors in the form of   ancient Irish  [of Leinster]  and Welsh [of Dyfed] Kings ,  have present Anglo Saxon lines [assured to the mid 8th century] and encounter  Rollo, the famous Viking of the late 9th century whose ascendancy is often given but historically unknown and whose descendancy involves the Norman invasion and Norman Kings of England via William the Conqueror, present in our direct line. Charlemagne is also direct to us, although one statistical study of which I am aware remarks that it is statistically LESS likely for a western European to NOT be directly descended from Charlemagne than TO be so related. The trick is in tracing back, and relying on secure information allowing one to hold this ascendancy out.

The Howard Allied Ascendancy yields to Logan and thence to allied lines involving the Peerage of Scotland and England through our immigrant ancestor James Logan, a grandson of Bertha of Dundas . Although there is an early Logan said to have married an historically unfounded daughter of Robert II of Scotland [son in law to "the Bruce"] this is fabrication and unsupported by historical research. Initially I was very excited by the possibility of Robert II King of Scotland being direct to both our Howard and Swope allied lines; Unfortunately , this is not the case. Still, James Logan's ascendancy takes us many generations back among the peerage of Scotland and England interplaying strongly with our McCurdy ascending [and Swope allied] Peers and Royals .

Through careful study relying on  extant primary texts and prudent historical research and by winding back from Robert II we reach our earliest assured ancestors in the form of several Kings of Laigin [Leinster-Ireland relevant] of various Irish septs in the mid 5th century.  Too among these generational ascendancies is Gwerthefyr ap Aergul [Uortiporius ],  King of Dyfed [Wales relevant] contemporaneous to and older than Gildas who wrote of him between 500-550. Questions on the dates of Gildas' writings limit the ability to firmly afix this king's time frame, or that of his father Aergul Lawhir [Agricola] , King of Dyfed.

While not of the Peerage, our earliest assured  German ancestor  found in our Spangler line  [via the  Swope Allied Ascendancy] was involved in service to the peerage.  Georg Spengler died in Antioch while on Crusade and serving  as Cupbearer to the Prince-Bishop Of Wurtzburg, Godfrey Of Piesenburg. He accompanied the Bishop  &  the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa on the Crusade of 1189. Both Georg &  the Bishop died of the plague and were buried in the church of St Peter, Antioch, 1190. 
The need for proper sourcing and assurance of historical merit in the royal and peerage lines make the mounting of the 
European ascendancy pages relevant particularly time consuming. They are under construction.
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