Why NWhy Nurses LeaveWhy Nurses Leave the Bedside. The Nursing Shortage; A Bedside RN's Perspective
The Alpha Factors Fueling the Shortage Identified and Hypothesis of This Study
part of Chapter Four:  Causes Fueling the Shortage 
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The issues  identified by bedside nurrse  themselves and those that study them given in complaints and concerns  contributing to the current Crisis shortage. However,  those many complaints and concerns can be consolidated into two alpha factors in which all specifics are evident as subtextural. 

The two Alpha factors are intrinsically linked, making neither more Alpha than the other.

All attempts to address the shortage are futile without addressing the two alpha factors in tandem. Relief from the exertion of either alpha factor on the market in which the labour resource [nursing] occurs  will inevitably affect the other alpha factor with which each alpha factor is inextricably liked.

Alpha Factor #1)  Market Imperative and  Earnings reflecting its Understanding:  The need of the nurse to compensation that meets market requirement. 
Market demand is addressed through provision of adequate compensation for a nurse's work within the environment in which it occurs thus meeting assurance of  vital and renewable labour source.  See Earnings further defined 

Alpha Factor #2) Environment in which Nursing Occurs:  The need of the nurse to practice her profession in a reasonable environment. 
The environment must be reasonable in its balance of work requirement. It must provide freedom from fear ,  or the perception of  fear, that any nurse employer places the nurse and / or her patients at risk . The Environment in which nursing is accomplished is affected by both concrete and intangible factors. See Environment Further identified. 

Hypothesis of This Study
Alpha Factor identification, & the four alpha responses required for their appropriate alleviation are the basis for  Hypothesis & Purpose of these Pages