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1 Anna Dorothea  LINE1,2,3

Death: Upper Leacock Twp, Lancaster, in or before 1742 [ husband remarried 1742;  mentioned as deceased in her father's will 1746]
Father: John LINE (LEIHN / LYNE / LEIN)
Mother: Unknown. Appears to be  Elisabetha. Possibly Surnamed RUDI. Under Research. See Link. Spouse: Johannes(John) SCHWAB1,2, 5 Marr: 1725, Lancaster County, Penna

John (Johannes) (1726-1755)
George Michael (1727-1758)
Elizabeth (1729-1762)
Anna Barbara (1731-1810)
Anna Maria (1734-1779)
Anna Catharine (1733-<1780)
Johann Conrad (Conrad) (1736-1799) [Our Direct, and continues this line. See his dedicated page in link to his name]
Margaret (Anna Margaret) (1738-1775)
Anna Dorothea (1735-)
Child with no record (1740-)
Anna Dorothea (1740-1818)

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Sources of information for this family grouping provided by the Book of Remembrance :

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8. Marriage Records of Rev. John Casper Stoever  (includes 1,429 marriages). From Lebanon County Pennsylvania pages of  PAGenWeb Project
Included but not limited to entries
1740 05 27   Rameler, Catarina (Tulpe.)                Maurer, John Philipp
1755 02 13   Ramler, Anna Margaretha (Heidelberg)      Dieben, John (Hanover)
1749 03 14   Ramler, Eva Margar (Tulpe.)               Schwab, Johannes
1742 10 18   Ramler, Anna Maria (Tulpe.)               Umberger, Michael
1746 07 06   Ramler, Jacob                             Franck, Eva Margaretha (Tulpe.)

1743 04 05   Schwab, John Jost                         Bricker, Anna Marla (Earltown)
1749 03 14   Schwab, Johannes                          Ramler, Eva Margar (Tulpe.)
1755 05 28   Schwab, Eva Margaretha (Lebanon)          Sprecher, George (Lebanon)
1776 10 13   Schwab, Margaretha (Lebanon)              Kachel, Jno. Cunradt (Lebanon)
1739 10 16   Schwab,Anna Eva (Earltown)                Burkhardt, Paul Indicates he was dead By 1755 05 28 , the date of wfeís  remarriage to Sprecher.

14. Misc. Records of Rev. John Casper Stoever shows her twice and as Eva Margar, and as Eva Margar Ramler:
Schwab, Eva Margar. Ramler  Date:  Mar 14, 1749  Event:  Marriage
Record ID:  281130
Relation:  Bride
Location:  Tulpehocken, Berks Co., PA
Church:  Misc. Records of Rev. John Casper Stoever

Schwab, Eva Margar.
Date:İİMar 14, 1749 İİİİ
Event:İİMarriage İİİİ
Record ID:İİ278285 İİİİ
Relation:İİBride İİİİ
Location:İİTulpehocken, Berks Co., PA İİİİ
Church:İİPastoral Records of John Casper Stoevehttp://www.genealogy.com/cgi-bin/ifa_browse.cgi?CDNUM=129&LN=schwab

Schwab, Johannes
Date:  Mar 14, 1749
Event:  Marriage
Record ID:  278285
Relation:  Groom
Location:  Tulpehocken, Berks Co., PA
Church:  Pastoral Records of John Casper Stoever
From Adams, Berks & Lancaster Counties, Pennsylvania 1729-1881 Church Records  [ GF Library]

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