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First Generation Swope in America: Yost SCHWAB [SWOPE] and his Varying Birth and Death Dates
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YOST SHWAB  (1678-1735) or (1656-1727)
Yost Swope in both forms is considered the first Swope on American soil

Q: Why the two seperate birth and death dates?
A: Because Yost's  reinternment grave & the first source [G E Swope's "The Swope Family 1696-1896" published 1898] so outlined him, & the 2nd ["The Swope Family Book of Remembrance"  by Morse & McLachlan published 1972] evaluated & changed that data to accomodate their findings

Q: So why don't you  just accept the newer findings with no more thought?
A: Because of a lingering question regarding the original death slab & the first source citation to the family bible as perhaps substantiating the reinternment tombstone & so not allowing for  manipulation to accomodate the later source decision to change those dates .

Yost  as Presented by  both Sources in Side by Side Format
Yost's Children as Presented by BOTH Sources in Side by Side Format



The Two Yosts Presented in Side by Side Format:

Yost (1678-1735)

(as detailed by Gilbert E Swope in 
"The Swope Family History 1696-1896" 
published 1898)

Showing Yost of unclear parentage, 
married to Anna Katharina SURNAME UNKNOWN
with 5 progeny there detailed

G E Swope was limited by the time frame in which he lived. For much of his book he relied on the correspondance of then living progeny. But in regards to Yost Swope, G E Swope referred in addition to a then extant family bible and five birth records at that time held in family member's possesion. He did not transcribe these sources in his text. He mentions that oral tradition maintains that Yost was son of a Burgomeister in Leimen. 
Yost Schwab died and was originally buried on the family homestead Upper Leacock Twp, Lancaster Co, PA.. He was reinterred in Hellers Church, Bird in Hand, Penna in 1884. The remains of the original Yost Swope were buried on his farm,  about forty rods from the old dwelling, and his descendants still living on the homestead found it necessary to remove him from their orchard and reinter him on the date given above. Digging in the earth to the depth of seven feet, a stone slab was encountered, and it bore the inscription ě1735, Y.S.,î This Yost Swope, felt the first Swope in America (if you discount his married dtr who came BEFORE him with her husband ), had indeed a wife Anna Katherina as described by Gilbert E Swope. Her surname was unknown, but he reports a large portion of female red hair was found with him; These were presumably his wife's remains.  Again, G E Swope referred to a bible and the records of birth of 5 children, then held in the hands of descendants. Swope's  birth date for Yost is not clear as coming from the bible or the later 2nd grave, but it did reflect the oral tradition of the Swope forebears on whom his book relied. The bible and birth records were lost to fire just before G E Swope's book was published. The loss, particularly of the family bible, and the original death slabe encountered are  the primary reasons for  this page. We will never have the bible to evaluate  for the information it contained and to which G E Swope referred. What exactly were 
This work of Morse and Maclachlan is diligent in the extreme, and endeavors to connect Yost Schwab, the headwater ancestor identified by Gilbert Swope as ëson of a burgomeisterí to wife and parentage. There were many Yost Swopes in that area of Germany,and their task was not easy. Through the records and a letter from the Pastor of the Lutheran Church at Duhren written 1962  they determined that our Yost was Yost ě Schwaben sur Duhren bei Sinscheimî and that the Anna Katarina unknown surname (identified by G.E. Swope) was in fact Anna Katarina Wolfhardt prior to marriage, and further determined a name for Yostís father (not a burgomeister, and they comment no record of a Swope burgomeister in Leimen was found, however they show that Anna Catharina, born 9 October 1663, was the daughter of the Mayor of Duehren:  Hans Jorg Wolfhardt/Wohlfahrt and his wife, Anna Haagen. ). BUT, to accomodate the marriage to this wife of Yost (identified by them as Anna Catharina Wolfhardt) they had to move back the birthdate given by G E Swope. They also moved forward his death date based on the settling of Yost Swope's estate. Both birth and death dates present on the grave in Heller's Church are not contemporaneous to Yost's passing (It is a second grave and the stone was erected on the occasion of his reinternment ). There were many Yost Schwabs from the area of Germany in question. Anna Katharina is likewise a common name.   They substantiate this redefining of his life span via parish records in which they connected him to progeny and offer much explanation and data to support their decision.
They state his gravestone is  "wrong". They do not  address the slab found 7 feet in the ground with the entry "YS 1735" which lay above Yost when first he was buried. They make no mention of the family bible to which G E Swope referred but which he did not transcribe in his pages. The eleven children ascribed to this union are detailed below, where they can be viewed side by side to those identified by G E Swope. 


About German naming patterns:
It was common even for Prostestants to continue the Catholic practise of Saints names for a family. Thus it is  that  both girls and boys in the generations of many, not just our Swope line,German speaking American ancestors would all have the same first  [Saints]  name, followed by the name by which they were actually called within the family circle and in society in general. It also was not uncommon for a new child to be given the name of  a previously deceased one.
For more information on German Naming Patterns and  18th century Pa German Naming Patterns see links.
The 5 Children of Yost id'd  by G E Swope
G E Swope gives 5 children to this union and states "We have the birth records"   for "all 5 children",  but that " no further knowledge or record of any  but John is known" . He comments these records are in  "the hands of descendants" He does not comment on the  style or source of these records. It is not known then if they were original birth records, but this would appear to be the case as they predated the emmigration of Yost to America and include children born in Germany as we know that Yost emmigrated ca 1720. We do not even actually know that he infact viewed them or was informed of their existence and content.  They are mentioned simultaneously with a family bible similarly held in the hands of descendants. All these items sadly burned in the home of their owner prior to publication of G E Swope's work, and he comments he was alerted to their loss. He did not transcribe the birth records nor the bible and so any cross correlation is impossible. 

Please note that G E Swope Americanized Yost's and his son Johannes Schwab's name in all  entries pertinent, and freely did the same when referring to  source records where spellings are given differently from the SWOPE we use today. It appears he Americanized some of the children's names he obtained from the records in like fashion further clouding their identification when evaluated next to The Book of Remembrance. 

Highlighted and enlarged are the entries that correspond by name or birth date to the children as identified in both G E Swope and  the Book of Remembrance  for ease of cross reference. 

  • The Five children G E Swope gives based on birth records and the family bible he states were then [1895] in the hands of descendants are; 
      • Maria Schwab born 1698
      • Anna Christina Schwab born 1701
      • Johannes [John] Schwab born 1704
        • [First marriage to Anna Dorothea LINE;
        • Second Marriage to  Elizabeth GROVE]
      • John Ulrich Schwab born 1707
      • Anna Elizabeth Schwab born 1713
    To Yost (1678-1735)
    [as detailed by G E Swope 1898] 
    married Anna Katharina SURNAME UNKNOWN ]
    The 11 Children of Yost id'd by Morse & McLachlin 
      Morse and McLachlin utilized parish records in Germany [[Reformed & Lutheran Church rec., Duehren, Leimen and Sindheim];   Citizenship rec. of Leimen;  Personalities File, Hist. Soc. of Berks County, Reading, PA.; and  Chester Co., rec. of Administrations, Bonds,and Inventories to forumulate their list of the children of Yost and his wife as identified. 
      From the point of Yost SCHWAB's son Johannes SCHWAB, his wife and their progeny,  the pages are no longer affected by this question on the dual identities of Yost SCHWAB. For purposes of clarity, the spouses and children of the Swope's  in this list of children identified in the Swope Family Book  of Remembrance as siblings to each other and children of Yost SWOPE and Anna Katarina WOLFHARDT,  are provided in descendancy from the page "Yost as identified by The Swope Family Book of Remembrance" within these Within the Vines webpages, even when they align with the children as shown by G E SWOPE. They are confined in this way to prevent further confusion. The spouses and children of those listed here who correspond to the children identified by G E Swope will not be found also descending from the page entitled "Yost as identified by G E Swope
    • Highlighted and enlarged are the entries that correspond  by name or birth date to the children as identified both by the Book of Remembrance and by G E Swope for ease of cross reference. 
    • The Eleven children given by "The Swope Book of Remembrance" based on their research in Germany and the US are: 
      • Hans  (Johann ) Jorg (Jeorg) (1682-1756)
      • Jost Conrad (Died as Child) (1687-1689)
      • Jost Conrad (1690-)
      • Anna ElisabethaÝ (1692-1761)
      • Anna Margaretha (1695-)
      • Anna Magdalena (1697-)
      • Anna Maria (1698-)
      • Anna Katharina (1701-)
      • Johannes(John) (1704-1780) 
        • [First marriage to Anna Dorothea LINE;
        • Second Marriage to  Elizabeth GROVE]
      • Hans Ulrich (1707-)
      • Stillborn Child (1709-)
  • The Swope Family Book of Remembrance comments that "The only children that have been found in the records of Pennsylvania are: Hans Georg, who came to Pennsylvania on the ship ,,William and Sarah" in 1727; Anna Elisabeth and her husband, Johan Eberhardt Riehm. who emigrated in 1717; Anna Maria, wife of Andreas Meixel. whose minor children are mentioned in the Orphans Court Dockets of Lancaster County in 1748; Johannes, who settled on the Mill Creek in what is now Upper Leacock Township, Lancaster County, and was administrator for his father' s estate in January 1727; and possibly Anna Catharina and Hans Ulrich. The earliest record of the family in America that has been discovered appears on the Assessment Rolls of Conestoga Township, Chester County (now all that portion of Lancaster County west of Octorara Creek and north to the Conestoga Creek) for the years 1724-1725. On this roll is the name of John Swoape."p 1292 volume II
  • To Yost (1656-1727)
  • [as detailed by Morse and McLachlin 1972]
  • married Anna Catharina Wolfhardt