Ahnentafel William the Conqueror to Charlemagne.
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Index of Person's in Wm the Conqueror's Direct line Up to Charlemagne

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Adela / Aelis
Adela [Adelaide] Of Burgundy
Adela of France(AKA incorrectly Hildebrante [Liegarde] Of Neustria)
Adelais [Adelaide of Gastinais]
Adelais (Adele/Adela of Troyes) Of Vermandois
Alpaid (Alpais) (Dtr or Grddtr Charlemagne)
Beatrice [Bertha] Of Morvois
Bego (Begue (Bogo), Count Of Paris)
Berenger Of Bayeaux de Senlis, Count Of Bayeux
Bertha Of Toulouse
Bertha Of Tours
Buwin Of Autun [Count Bivin]
Charlemagne,  Emperor Of The West, King Of Franks And Lombards
Conan I The Crooked, Duke Of Brittany
Duxia (sometimes found as Doda) Questionable Mother
Ermengard [Ermengard of Provence]
Ermengarde Of Anjou
Eve de Rousillon
Fulk I The Red Of Anjou, Count Of Anjou
Fulk II The Good Of Anjou, Count Of Anjou
Geoffrey I Grisegonelle Of Anjou, Seneschal Of France
Gerard (Gerald Of Paris) de Rousillon, Count Of Paris
Gergerga  [Gerverga Of Gatinais [Geberga]]
Giselbert , Count of Autun [Gilbert Of Chalon][Duke Of Burgundy]
Guerri I De Morvois
Heribert I [Herbert I ] , Count of Vermandois
Heribert II  Of Vermandois, Count Of Vermandois
Herleva (Arlette)
Hildegarde Of Vinzgau
Hugh II Count of Tours
Ingelger of Anjou [Ingelger,Ct of Anjou)] [Ingelgerius]
Judith Of Brittany
Juhel Berengar, Count of Rennes
King Bernhard Of Italy ,King Of Italy
King Boso/Boson I Of Provence King Of Provence [AKA King of Burgundy]
King Pepin I  Of Italy , King Of Italy
King Robert I  of France
King William I (The Conqueror), King Of England, Duke of Normandy
Kunigunda or Cunegonde
Lisiard De Fezensac
Manasses,Count of Autun [Manasses, Count of Chalon]
Matilda Of Flanders
Pepin II, Seigneur Of Peronne, Count Of Peronne
Poppa [said to be dtr Berengar]
Richard I The Fearless, Duke Of Normandy 3rd
Richard II The Good, Duke Of Normandy 4th
Richilda of Arles {?} see narrative
Robert II The Devil,Duke Of Normandy 6th
Robert Of Troyes, Count Of Meaux & Troyes (Robert Of Vermandois)
Robert The Strong [Of Neustria, Duke Of Neustria]
*Rolf the Granger Hrolfr ] Dubiously same as Rollo
Rollo (Robert) [Sometimes felt , probably inaccurately, Rolf The Granger]
Roscille de Loches
Sprota (Adela) of Senlis
Thierry II Count of Chalon
Unknown 1st Wife
Unknown Father To Gunnor, Wevie, Avelina , Senfria (Seinfreda) and Herfast
Warnhar,  Seigneur de Loches
William I, Duke Of Toulouse
William I Longsword, Duke Of Normandy 2nd

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