William the Conqueror to Charlemagne; Ahnentafel Study
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Links to a few Narrative Sources

William the Conqueror is direct to several families in the Genealogical pages of this Website and his study is part of  Our Normans and Their Invasions. The famous Norman Invasion of England he led has its own page,  as does the direct line Study down from Wm to our American Immigrants. Both The Howard and Allied Families & The Swope and Allied Families studied in Vol I: Our American Immigrants have families holding Wm direct. These include the FOLLIOT, HANSFORD and COLE  immigrants of Virginia in the first and the McCURDY immigrant of Pennsylvania in the 2nd.  Ascendancy for the McCurdy's to Wm the Conqueror is owed to the pedigree of the Stewart bride marrying into the McCurdy family in mid 17th century  Ireland. 

This ahnentafel describes the persons in index who are all in William's direct line ancestors up to Charlemagne 10 generations above him  (where this study stops-See ahnentafel Charlemagne for continuance) . As noted above, the direct line Study down from Wm to our American Immigrants is provided in seperated pages. 

Like all genealogic studies, this effort is imperfect. The sources utilized vary in their quality.  I have tried to meticulously source each specific entry for every single individual so that the reader can determine merit of each detail offered for the persons presented, at times i merely made notation of how someone might be googled, the various persons in this study being found with many different AKAs depending on the country publishing the work, or the reference point of the person speaking of them.  I have attempted to limit this study to historically sound persons with rightful place in the pedigree, with specifics regarding their time frames, etc, provided but sometimes less able to be solidly substantiated. 

Any stregnth in this study is owed to the work of historians and genealogists citing and evaluating primary reference material and / or scholarly secondary sources.  Most notably it is indebted to the many fine contributors at SGM  (soc.genealogy.medieval) , the work of Stewart Baldwin and Tom Farmerie in their The Henry Project  , and Jim Stevens who mounts the Stevens/Southworth/Medieval Database

About the ahnentafel format. Ahnentafel's are direct line studies that are mathematically based and extend from a person UP through their pedigree.  Each entry is assigned a number. The root person whose ascendancy is studied (in this case Wm the Conq) is asigned number one. His father is assigned that number x 2 (and so number 2)  and his mother that number x2 +1 (and so number 3). That mathematical equation is constant to the study; Person number 232 would be the father of a child given the number 166, and would be the son of a man given number 464 , and a woman given number 465, and so on. As the lines fade and are unknown, there is no higher rising number, for there is no corresponding person for it. The entries are provided in generations up from the root person.
This program thankfully provides for an ascendancy link ( ) that does not require the mathematical equation often necessitated in an Ahnentafel study. 

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Links to a Few Outside Narrative-form Sources
There are accounts of the story of the Norman Dukes , their Duchy , and the famous Conqueror they bred, told in highly readable form and incorporating the many legends and stories of their appetites, manners, reigns and times. Several websites are involved in their transcriptions and ebook presentations. They are a mix of truth and legend, incorporating much that can not be proven, but giving rich description of the leaders, the major events of their reigns, peoples with whom they struggled and the types of life and villages the commoners experienced. They are also fine reading for the young reader you might wish to engage in love of history.  They include
 Project Guttenberg's Norman website presenting the  English History, from Rollo to Edward II, by Charlotte Mary Yonge (First published 1868).and with biographical study of the line (It has a table of contents not linkable to its parts-but utilizing your computor's search funtion while in the text will send you to the persons you seek within its text ). 

The Normans Told Chiefly in Relation to their Conquest of England (Index) , New York  G. P. Putnam's Sons Published 1886, 1905 printing. Part of The Sarah Orne Jewett Text Project Website .  Here are accounts of the land at the time of the reigns , and the events and personal styles of the Dukes, with description of the duchy's daily functioning for the commoner, involving: William Longsword, his son, Richard the Fearless, Richard the Good , Robert the Magnificent The Normans in Italy , William the Conqueror, his wife Matilda of Flanders , etc., etc. 


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