Topic: Piney Creek Church and the McCurdy and Allied / Collaterol Lines [the 18th and early 19th century McCURDY's, THOMPSONS, CLINGANS, KINGS, PAXTONS and McCLAINS  of Piney Creek Church] .
Part of Discussion : Manor of Maske in  now Adams Co,  Pennsylvania, found in Subject The Penn Manors of Penna within Chapter: Pennsylvania and our Pennsylvanians. [See Pennsylvania Chapter's TOC]  Piney Creek was a church utilized by many of the Manor of Maske Settlement
See Also McCurdy Family Title Page, and Robert McCurdy studied within it

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Piney Creek Today.

Piney Creek Presbyterian's current Pastor is Reverend H. Paul Matthews. Its address is Piney Creek Presbyterian Church 4472 Harney Rd.  PO Box 14.  Taneytown MD 21787 . 

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Table of Contents This Page
The Clingan, Thomsons and McCurdys are especially intertwined in the Piney Church Records
A) About Piney Creek Church [and its relevance to the genealogic study of this website]
B) McCurdys and their marriages in  Piney Creek marriage records
C) Piney Creek and the Clingans
D) Piney Creek and the Paxtons
E. Piney Creek and the Thompsons
F)  Piney Creek Presbyterian Cemetery Thompson and Thomson Graves
G) Record of relevant Surnames and their  relation to Piney Creek [From Frederick County Backgrounds, Biographies]
About Piney Creek Church and the Purpose of This Page
McCurdy and the Piney Creek marriage records-in 1801 Piney Creek united with Toms Church [Clingan, Moore, and King relevant] Piney Creek and the Clingans
The Clingan generation which is of most interest to the McCurdy and its allied names occurs with the children of  Thomas CLINGAN [1762-1813] and Elizabeth McClean [1760-1830].
Thomas Clingan, Elizabeth nee McClean's husband, is mentioned in and was executor for  his father George Clingan's will.
[ Will Abstract: Will written May›20,›1777. Clingan,›George.››Executor: Thomas›Clingan. Hamiltonban›Township, York [Now Adams , Co] Wife: Margaret›Clingan. Children: Thomas,›Mary›m.›----›Wilson, Margaret,›Hannah,›Elizabeth,›Catharine,›and›David. ›Grandson:›Samuel›› Wilson (son›of›Mary).] Hamiltonban Twp,York(now Adams) Co., PA -probated April 29,17789]
George Clingan, his father,  is found with great detail at the Clingan Connection website, and much more detail is given him at that source beyond this succinct compilation of life events here taken from that site:
"Facts:  17 Aug 1744, Warrant For 40 Acres, Fallowfield, Chester Co., PA
1754, Tax Rolls, Little Britain Twp, Lancaster Co., PA
1756, Lieut., Colonial Militia, Associated Companies, Lancaster Co., PA
1760-1773, Rev. John Roan's Congregation, Mount Joy Presbyterian Church, PA
1761, Elder Of Donegal Presbytery
1762-1773, Owner Of Donegal Mills, 342 Acres Donegal Twp, Lancaster Co., PA.
1772, Bought Carroll's Delight Plantation, 375 Acres, Hamiltonban Twp., York Co., PA
1773, Bought 200 Acres Cumberland Twp, York Co., PA
1775, Elected To Committee Of Safety, York Co., PA ". 5

Thomas Clingan's wife, Elizabeth McClean has been identified as the daughter of Mason Dixon line surveyor Archibald McCLEAN by McClain researchers [See McCLAIN Exchange extract below]  and is presented the granddaughter of William McClean  [1702-1785 ,  an early settler of the Marsh Creek area -see Manor of Maske -who emmigrated from the Isle of Mull with his brother, also named Archibald]. Elizabeth [nee McClean] Clingan's grandparents William and Elizabeth [nee Rule] McClean [1707-1784] , lived near now Ortanna, Adams County, Pennsylvania , though they had briefly tarried in Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania, where their eldest son was born. They are buried in the Lower Marsh Creek Presbyterian Church on the Knoxlyn Road of Adams County, Pennsylvania with other family members. See below.  Archibald , 2nd child and son to William and Elizabeth Rule McClean,  born near Ortanna, resided York, Returned to near South Mountain, York County [now Adams]. He was a Surveyor with Mason Dixon; commissioned to establish New York City lat and long, and was a Lawyer and a leading citizen of York, PA.  He also  built a mill near the foot of South Mt .[Details from source 2]  Archibald married twice, and it was Ann2, 5 [[Annerje3] Trump2, 3, 5 who mothered the Elizabeth McClean who married Thomas Clingan2, 3, , 5  Archibald's is will was proved May 18 1776 york county will book G,  p 105.
Many of Elizabeth nee McClean Clingan's people are buried at Lower Marsh Creek Presbyterian Church on the Knoxlyn Road, in Adams County, Pa. This plot is very near a far more extensive burial place for family SCOTT . The McClean burials there are:

The deaths of both Thomas and Elizabeth [nee McClean] Clingan were announced in the local Gettysburg paper on March 31, 1813 žA short time since, Thomas Clingan formally of CarrollŪs Delight and on Friday last, Mrs. _____Clingan, consort of said deceased. Both died in Frederick county, Md.Ó

Despite the burials of so many of Elizabeth's immediate family at the Lower Marsh Creek Church as shown above, Piney Creek Features for many of her Children.  Of their [10 named by various researchers of the line] children, 4 appear in Rev Davidson's records,  Winchester, a 5th of the 10 total children, is said to have married Frederick Co., MD either 10 Jul 1825/18215 [source gives two different dates]to Sophia Kolb and describes this family as "leading family of Frederick County, Maryland", stating he is buried Mt. Olivet Cemetery, died 1873]  while  George, a sixth of the 10, is said to have married an otherwise unidentified Mary McCurdy5

Two Clingans thus far feature in the marriages of the McCurdy children of Robert McCurdy and his wife  Ann Creighton

There are Clingans found in Piney Creek records [Archibald Clingan, William  Clingan for 1817, and Elizabeth Clingan, William  Clingan and Archibald Clingan for 1824]. If Archibald indeed died in 1822, he can not be the Archibald of the 1824 record. Archibald had a brother William5  , said to have resided Taneytown, Carroll County, Md5   to have married a "Widow Elizabeth Riley"5  and to have  died 1827 Frederick Co., MD5

 See The McCleans of Adams County from McClain Exchange  [ wherein the Clingans are discussed and particularly the excerpt for comments on Polly  McClean married Thomas Clingan]

Piney Creek and the Paxtons

It is said [see Mellon, Rachel Hughey Larimer's "The Larimers, McAllisters and Allied Families" published 1903]  that Nancy McCurdy, daughter of our Robert McCurdy and his wife  Ann Creighton,  married an Unknown Paxton. It would not be suprising for the Paxtons mentioned in Piney Creek records to be somehow related closely with our McCurdys.There were Paxtons associated with the Marsh Creek Settlement [See Paxton entries for Samuel Paxton and son, March 1741 in the original Squatters of the Manor of Maske squatters of Manor of Maske] , but so far any relationship to the this Samuel and his son to the McCurdy line has not yet been established.
There is a Samuel Paxton who is found in ROCKBRIDGE COUNTY, VIRGINIA Notebook  Compiled from articles by Dr. George W. Diehl as published in the News-Gazette, Lexington, Virginia, and transcribed at link above. .› This source informs Samuel Paxton was born 1760, died  abt 1746 at his home on Marsh Creek, Adams County, PA, and  along with three sons, is known to have been present in the Marsh Creek, now Adams County area. His father, žSamuel Paxton Jr. had been born in Ireland about 1705 and, when a young man in his twenties, he came to America with the family. Very little is known of him, except that he was twice married and was the father of twenty-two children, four of whom died before their father, which accounts for only eighteen being mentioned in his will, which was probated, March 8, 1793. However, of the eighteen, there are only four .. John, Thomas, Jonathan, and Samuel .. on who there is any data.Ó from Chapter three of ROCKBRIDGE COUNTY, VIRGINIA Notebook {Paxton Family Ties}.
Piney Creek Presbysterian and The Thompsons in records,  and Piney Creek Presbyterian Cemetery Thompson and Thomson Graves

Piney Creek Presbysterian and The Thompsons in records

  • Robert and Samuel Thompson are two Thompson men who married into our direct and/or closely allied families associated with Piney Creek and the Marsh Creek Settlement. In Death the name is spelled differently, but DAR records also present confusing presentations even for the same man [See Hugh, found in the cemetery listing below]. Based on their marriages  and their Thompson tombstones at Piney Creek Cemetery. it seems very likely they are somehow closely related, although not likely brothers. There is a Samuel TOMPSON and Wife Margaret lying near Robert Thompson and wife Mary Thompson [felt by me to be  Mary McCurdy Thompson and so proported in source ] in the Thompsons Piney Creek plot
  • Robert Thompson married Mary McCurdy, dtr of our direct ancestors Robert McCurdy and his wife  Ann Creighton [ Robert  McCurdy's  will mentions dtr Mary married Robert Thompson] and many of Mary's  siblings were married by the Rev Davidson who ministered to both the Piney Creek and Toms Creek congregations. I strongly believe, and have found secondary source justification for8 [ have not yet obtained the primary record to prove] that Robert and Mary McCurdy Thompson are the Robert d 1851 and wife Mary died 1861 found in Piney Creek Cemetery [See Piney Creek Cemetery Tompsons in below] . Additionally, I believe that  Samuel Thompson of the Samuel Thompson and Margaret Clingan Thompson marriage  below [lying  buried near Robert and Mary McCurdy Thompson ] is somehow are related to Robert Thompson who married Mary McCurdy in some yet unknown way.
  • Samuel  Thompson married Margaret Clingan [16 Mar 1806 in Piney Creek/Toms Church records1] . She is also found called Peggy5. [See Clingans of Piney Creek above] In burial they are found as Thomsons  lying near Robert and Mary McCurdy mentioned above [See Piney Creek Cemetery Tompsons  below]
  • Margaret Clingan's sister Polly Clingan married Robert McCurdy [brother to Mary who married Robert Thompson above, and son of our direct ancestors Robert McCurdy and his wife  Ann Creighton ] [See Clingans of Piney Creek above]
  • Margaret's sister Polly Clingan McCurdy , then,  was sister in law to Mary McCurdy who married Robert Thompson above.
  • . One of MargaretŪs brothers, George Thompson5, 7, is purported to have married an otherwise unidentified Mary McCurdy5 [no citation at source for this purported marriage]
  • Piney Creek Presbyterian Cemetery Thompson and Thomson Graves

    Record of relevant Surnames and their  relation to Piney Creek [From Frederick County Backgrounds 1, Biographies, Page 77, 78 , 95] .

    Archibald Clingan to Ann Ferguson, married 20 oct by 1806, by Rev Davidson no mention tomŪs vs Piney Creek churches

    In 'the old Session book'  for 1817, the following (partial list) subscribed to the MinisterŪs Salary: ....Archibald Clingan, William Clingan... John Ferguson, William Ferguson...The Widow Jamison, John Jamison....Elizabeth McCrea, Thomas McCrea....William Paxton, Thomas Paxton....Jno Thomson, Robert Thomson, Hugh Thomson...

    In January of 1824 there is a Samuel Thompson who is a member and one of four elders of the Piney Creek Church.
    Among the members are listed Robert Thompson, Mary Thompson, , Elizabeth Thompson,, AnnThompson, and Eleanor Thompson...Margaret Paxton, William Paxton...Elizabeth McCrea, Thompson McCrea, Samuel Thompson, Elder, Archibald Clingan, Elizabeth Clingan, William  Clingan...John Ferguson Sr, John Ferguson, Rebecca Ferguson....Sally Jamison, Miss Jamison, Kelly (colored), and Jack (Colored).

    In May of 1825 there is 'an increase in membership: Susan Jamison, Sarah and William Thompson, '

    page 95:
    Tomson, William d. 7/4/1800, 89 years, buried Piney Creek Presbyterian, Harney, Md."

    Page one and two relevant from the McClain Exchange [Apparently Former] Website
    Relevant to the Clingan Connection
    [see also The McClean/McClain Connection for expanded detail on this family ]
    Page one  is particularly significant as a result of the careful notations regarding York Historical Society File showing Elizabeth McClean or McClane, who married Thomas Clingan, was a granddaughter of William and Elizabeth [Rule] McClean and an attempt to further the accuracy of that data.
    Page two shows the daughter of Archibald, named Elizabeth McCLean [who married Thomas Clingan] . Archibald is a figure of significance to Pennsylvania History.
    Please Note That Many of the McCLeans  spoken of below can be found in the
    Cemetery Plot Index for the  Lower Marsh Creek Church on Knoxlyn Road, Adams Co., Penna, Section E, Row V, Plots 17 - 33
    all of whom are buried in close proximity to  many more of the Scott Surname
    McLean, Sally (w. Wm.)  2-16-1806. plot  26
    Hill, Jane Elizabeth 3-10-1863,  27
    McClean, Moses,  12-2-1776,  27
    McClean, Wm. Sr., 6-13-1785, 28
    McClean, Elizabeth, 7-17-1784, 29
    McClean, Jpseph, 10-4-1776, 30
    Scott, Margaret (alias McClean), 2-2-1789, 31
    Witherow, Elisabeth, 3-20-17519 [as given] .  31
    McClean, Jane,  7-23-1785, 32
    McClean, Wm., 9-12-1807, 33

    Page One Relevant from McCLain Exchange:

    The Following is significant as it shows the daughter of Archibald, named Elizabeth McCLean [who married Thomas Clingan] . Archibald is a figure of significance to Pennsylvania History.
    Of interest and worthy of further research in the text is the purported  marriage of daughter Rebecca to Samuel Erwin.
    Robert McCurdy's Wife, Ann Creighton, had a sister [it is unclear which] who married an Erven as evident by the naming of William Creighton's  grandchildren in his will. This may be a further hint further linking the families discussed on this page as part of the Scot Irish progression westward from Lancaster County, into  the Manor of Maske, the reason for removal to  which by Robert McCurdy and his wife Ann Creighton, remains a mystery.

    Page Two relevant from McCLAIN EXCHANGE


    Sources Beyond those Given at Text Entries:
    1. B F M   McPherson under pseudonym of Samuel Carrick, her Ancestor "Frederick County Backgrounds-Marriage Records of United Churches of TomŪs Creek and Piney Creek Presbyterian Churches, marriages by Rev Davidson" Articles published in the Chronicle Newspaper, Emmitsburg Md, in the 1930s and 1940s

    2. The McClain Exchange, a now apparently defunct and formely excellent resource tool for McClean Research. The site's page, McCLAIN EXCHANGE-Adams County. provided much useful information and mentioned Sources of  R718 Book:  Monocacy and Catoctin, Some Early Settlers of Frederick and Carroll Counties, MD and Adams County, PA. also Descendants c 1725-1985, Vol. 1, C. E. Schildknecht, Editor.  Page 275-279. It was maintained by  George D McClain, Jr. who on his webpages gave as contact information McCLAIN EXCHANGE, 903 East Main Street,  Mexia, Texas 76667. URL  http://www.mexia.com/mcclain/PAADAM05.htm I appears now to be defunct.[sept 2003]
    Relevant Excerpts from this former site are given in this page

    3. Compendium GFLib,  Genealogies of Pennsylvania Families From the Pennsylvania Geneological Magazine, Baltimore Geneological Publishing Company 1982, žGenealogies of Pennsylvania Families II, Hi-So, The McClean Family and the Mason-Dixon LineÓ. page 200.

    4. ABINGTON PRESBYTERIAN CHURCHMarriages, 1716 - 1821: Montgomery County, PA (presented by Rootsweb). Contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives Joe Patterson jpatter@epix.net OCR'd and proofread by Judy Banja jbanja@email.msn.com.  Direct URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/pa/montgomery/church/abingtonpresby01.txt]

    5. Scott Burnes the Clingan Connection website, a great Clingan directory and working think tank and source repository, the work of many allied Clingan researchers. At the level relevant to the McCurdy interest of this researcher, is often linked to online gedcoms in exclusion of primary sources, but each entry should be checked to see if further documentation has been unearthered, or the primary substantiation included.

    6. Cemetery Plot Index for the  Lower Marsh Creek Church on Knoxlyn Road, Adams Co., Penna, Section E, Row V, Plots 17 - 33

    7. Descendants of Clingan. Sourced to primary data and reputable secondary compilations at website and  in a generally, but not specifically, sourced Clingan Study.Part of the Looking Back website of Cheryl Cretin..

    8. Boyd Trees  SOURCED online tree  by John H. Boyd <JohnHBoyd@compuserve.com> citing "1. More Marylanders to Kentucky 1778-1828," by Henry C. Peden Jr. (1997) p.175-176. FH L Book 976.9W2pe. Cites: (a) "An Account of William Thomson of Taneytown," by unknown autho r (1880), "Marykland Genealogical Society Bulletin" 32:2 (1991) p.193-196. Entry sourceing to this citation reads "(1) 1770: William THOMSON, his wife Jane HANNA, and their 10 children arrived in Philadelph ia from Ireland.
    (1) Purchased a farm near Newville, Cumberland Co., PA.
    (1) During the Revolutionary War he sold his land for Continental money, intending to go wi th his son William and son-in-law Archibald BOYD to KY, or to follow them there. Before the n ecessary arrangements could be made, his wife died and during the delay the Continental mone y for which the farm had been sold became worthless. The intention to go to KY was abandoned.
    (1) Moved of his family moved to Taneytown, Frederick Co. (now Carroll Co.), MD where Willi am rented a farm about a mile from town.
    Marriage 1 Jane Hannah b: in ,,Ireland
    * Married: in ,,Ireland 1" 10 children are listed, but the source is not clear for each entry.

    9. Abstracts of York Co, PA, Wills, 1749 - 1819  Ancestry.com data base

    10. Clan Boyd . DAR listings. Specific entry reads:"The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 30  page 301
                               Mrs. Frances Gordon Pym Denny.
                               DAR ID Number: 29836
                               Born in Rushsylvania, Ohio.
                               Wife of Austin Denny.
                               Descendant of Sergt. Hugh Thompson.
                               Daughter of Jacob F. Pym and Frances M. Sharpe, his wife.
                               Granddaughter of George W. Sharpe and Caroline R. Snider, his wife.
                               [p.301] Gr.-granddaughter of Nicholas Snider and Margaretta Thompson, his wife.
                               Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Hugh Thompson and Jane Boyd (1744-1828), his wife.
                               Hugh Thompson, (1748-1812), served as a private in the Canadian campaign. He re-ënlisted as
                               sergeant in Capt. Jeremiah Talbot's company, Pennsylvania Line. He was born in Belfast, Ireland,
                               lived in Cumberland Co., Penna., during the Revolution and at the close, removed to Taneytown,
                               Md., where he is buried in Piney Creek cemetery.
                               Also Nos. 3581, 13165.
    The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 55  page 361
                               Mrs. Mary E. Babbitt.
                               DAR ID Number: 54829
                               Born in New Hampton, N. Y.
                               Wife of Robert O. Babbitt.
                               Descendant of Sergt. Hugh Thomson.
                               Daughter of James William Thomson McCrea and Harriet Elizabeth Schroeder, his wife.
                               Granddaughter of Thomson McCrea and Anna Mary Eckert, his wife.
                               Gr-granddaughter of William McCrea and Elizabeth Thomson, his wife.
                               Gr-gr-granddaughter of Hugh Thomson and Jane Boyd, his wife.
                               Hugh Thomson (1748-1812) served as private and sergeant in the Pennsylvania Continental Line.
                               He was born in Ireland; died in Taneytown, Md.
                               Also No. 13165. "

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