Introduction to Topic : The  AmerIndians of South Central & South eastern Penna . The Purpose of this Topic Study. 
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Two Root Surnames are involved in the Within The Vines Historical Family Study Pages. Study of  specific tribes and people are confined to the  region  of habitation of the writer's European forebears of Pennsylvania. 

The first Root Surname involves the Howard and Allied Ascendancy . This primarily southern state study group involves several surnames encountered  in , and sometimes confined to, first and early generation American history in the region of Philadelphia where the Penna associated surnames amongst them were resident  as influential Quakers during the period of  1682-ca 1800. This Howard Ascendancy Allied group of predominantly wealthy and influential early Pennsylvanians includes direct ancestor James Logan, Penn's secretary and steward in the new world. James Logan's role in Native American diplomacy and Native American outcome during Penn family dominance of Pennsylvania can not be underestimated.  William Logan, [likewise direct]  continued his father's ardent support of Penn heirs as their employee, and also figures in this history. 

The second Root Surname involves the Swope and Allied Ascendancy.  Nearly to the family , this allied group entered Philadelphia port.  The first among this allied cluster immigrated in 1710, were Mennonites and among the group of first settlers of then wild and now Lancaster county. But nearly all of the first of all surnames in the Swope and Allied Ascendancy were present by 1760, and all surnames in direct line are involved in what are now known  as Philadelphia, Lancaster, York and Adams Counties as part of the immigrant poor and middle class involved in westward expansion. Adams [where I was born]  was the most westward experience of any Penna surname direct to me, and each surname related, through every generation in every surname to the first of the group, resided in Pennsylvania's south, with Adams County the most westward Penna residency among the Swope and Allied Families Group up to and including the generation of my parents. 

For this reason, the  topic involves Native Pennsylvania People involved in the settlement history of southeastern and southcentral Penna, and includes the New York Iroquois who subjugated those natives in the post contact period. These, then,  were the people cohabiting and influencing the experience of the region of Pennsylvania in which the direct ancestors studied in these pages are found. 

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