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The Cary family is  Part of the Howard & Allied Family Lines  forming [with the Swope& Allied Family Lines] the basis of the Within the Vines  Genealogical Study
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Bridget CARY
Birth ca 16521[Probably Va] 
Desc name from father's tombstone and corroborated by his will, as well as her own tomb 
Father Myles or Miles [Col ] CARY , Esq (1621-1667)
Mother Anne TAYLOR (->1682)
Note.  Recipient in her father's will  "Note-Council and General Court Records, 1670. Col Miles Cary, late of Warwick, by his will, among several bequests and legacies, directed a sale to be made of his two houses in the city of Bristol, Kingdom of England; one of them situated in Belame Street and the other house situated in St Nicholas Street, and that the produce of money they should be sold for should be equally divided among his three daughters, to wit: Anne, Bridget and Elizabeth Cary. Emmanuel Willis married Elizabeth Cary, and they by a deed of the 11th of April, 1670, conveyed to William Bassetet, of the Courts of New Kent, all their interest in said houses [General Court Will Book . N. p 3]" 2
Spouse William [Captain]  BASSETT3,4
Birth England [Newport, Isle of Wight, England? appears County of Southampton, England [as per his son's tomb inscription naming father]3
Death before Jan 4 1671/2, on his Large estate, Blissland Parish, New Kent County, Va3
Father William BASSETT (-1646)
Mother Anne (->1671). She outlived her husband and subsequently remarried. Son Williamķs will calls her Mrs Anne Dickeson living in the town of Newport near the town gate , her husband Bassettės will calls her Anne. 
Children of Bridget Cary 
and William Bassett; Surnamed Bassett 
William [Col] (1670-1723)
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Note: Great sources each chapter given on intro to each surname
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