The Wilson Family in America. 2nd Generation American Known: Mary Wilson

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The Wilson family is  Part of the Howard & Allied Family Lines  forming [with the Swope& Allied Family Lines] the basis of the Within the Vines  Genealogical Study

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 1.Mary WILSON1,2,3,4
Mary Wilson Married Three Times. Her First Marriage is Direct to us through its progeny. Her second was so the son of our directs Miles Cary and Anne Taylor with whom she also had children. Her third marriage was to Archibald Blair, who married himself three times, and who had four children, three of whom MAY have been Mary's [or his other wives']. 
Birth Oct 16755,6,7
Death 11 Jan 1741, Blunt Point , Warwick County, Va with first husband2,3
Burial  with her first husband at Blunt Point
Mary was daughter of Miles and Mary (Wilson) Cary, of Ceeleys8
Desc Dtr and Co heriress.of Col William Wilson of Elizabeth City County13p266. Only daughter surviving2
Father William [Col] WILSON (1646-1713) [See Dedicated Page to This Direct Ancestor] 
Mother Jane (ca1658-1713) 
Notation See Notes  [Her beauty nearly caused a small war; It led to the removal of a married man to England for his behaviour in pursuing her. ] 
Spouse #1 to Mary WILSON William ROSCOW4,2 [See Dedicated Page to This Direct Ancestor] 
Birth 30 Nov 1664, Chorley, Lancashire, England3
Death 2 Nov 1700, Blunt Point, Warwick Co, Virginia3
Father James  ROSCOW [Of Chorley, Lancashire, England. Many Roscows are in this region] [See Dedicated Page to This Direct Ancestor] 
Mother Unknown
Marriage 1695, Virginia10,11
Children of Mary Wilson and 
William ROSCOW
surnamed ROSCOW 
James (>1695-)
William (>1695->1736) [See Dedicated Page to This Direct Ancestor] 
Willis (1701-died underage)
Spouse #2 to Mary WILSON Miles [Col]  Cary (ca 1655/6->1708)
Birth ca 1655/6Warwick County, Va
Death 17 Feb 1708, ěRichneckî, Warwick County, Virginia
Father  Myles or Miles  [Col ] Cary [See Dedicated Page to This Direct Ancestor] 
Mother Anne Taylor [See Dedicated Page to This Direct Ancestor] 
Marriage 1702
Children of Mary Wilson and 
Miles CARY 
surnamed CARY
See names, spouses and known progeny for expanded info and sources of Children of Miles Cary and Mary Wilson 
  • Wilson [Col] (1702/3- 1772) married Sarah Unknown [1710-1783] [Is she Pate or perhaps a Cary descendant? see her entry
  • Mary (1704-1775) married Joseph SELDON of Hampton [died 1727] 
  • Anne (1706-<1749)Anne (1706<1749)married NN Whiting of Gloucester County, Va. "He is perhaps colonel henry whiting"
  • Miles (1708-1756Of Ceelys Carysbrook. He  Inherited Ceelys plantation from his mother. Educated William and Maryís College, Williamsburg, Va, he was  JP for Goochland County, Va and died a bachelor leaving his estate mostly to brother Wilson, and mentioning most of his immediate family2
  • Spouse #3 to Mary WILSON Dr. Archibald BLAIR of Williamsburg, Va. 2, 13
    Birth  Scotland 14
    Death 173613
    Marriage about 172013Both bride and groom were married three times
    Children of Mary Wilson and 
    Archibald BLAIR, 
    surnamed BLAIR
    See notes on his  three children of unknown matrilineage any of whom may have been Mary Wilsons own. 
    Notes on Dr Archibald Blair 
    • "brother of Commissary James Blair of William and Mary College, and the father of Honorable John Blair, President of the King's Council."13, 14Honorable John Blair is discussed below
    • Dr Archibald Blair was married at least three times .Dr Archibald Blair had four known children, one of whom's mother is identified 
    • 1st Wife of Dr Archibald Blair : Name Unknown. Son of this first wife is : 
      • John BLAIR , died 1771, President of the Council and gov of Va 1757  John Blair had amongst MANY others a daughter:
        • Sarah BLAIR , who "married Col. Wilson Miles Cary, of Ceely's (Cary Bible)"13This Col Wilson Miles of Ceelys who married Sarah BLAIR  is not further identified by Mary Seldon Kennedy13 It may be, as chronologically it fits, that he is the Col Wilson Miles of Ceelys identified as a son of Mary Wilson [here discussed, wife to William Roscow, Miles Cary and  Archibald BLAIR] and Mary Wilson's second husband Miles [Col]  Cary .  This author continues to research this possibility. 
    • 2nd Wife of Dr Archibald Blair: Sarah , probably ARCHER, and they were married by 1703, and she dead by ca 1720 when he married for third time
    • 3rd wife of Dr Archibald Blairwas Mary Wilson Roscow Cary here discussed
    • Dr Blair's three other children's birthdates are not known making identification of their mothers difficult. Any but John could have been a child of Mary Wilson Roscow Cary Blair. Children of Dr Archibald Blair of uncertain matrilineage are: 
      • James BLAIR , died about 1733

      • Kennedy, Mary Selden , in her ě Seldens of Virginiaî  vol.1 Frank Allaben Genealogical Company. New York. 1911.  writes of him and his son: îJames Blair, second son of Dr. Archibald Blair, died about 1773, when Archibald Blair, 'his infant orphan,' made choice of John Blair, Esq., as his guardian. (York County Records.) Archibald Blair died Oct. 7, 1824, aged 71. He married Molly Whiting, of Glocester, in 1787. He was Clerk of the Council, and Clerk of Committee of Safety during the whole Revolution. Mary, his daughter, married in 1822 John Minor Botts. The will of Archibald Blair, dated in 1809, and recorded in Richmond, May 17, 1825, names children, John, Beverly, Archibald, and Mary." 
      • Elizabeth BLAIR,  died 22 Apr 1775. Married first Major John Bolling, Jr [1700-1757] and had three children:
        • John BOLLING [1730-1790s] married  Martha Jefferson, sister to the President of the US.
        • Mary BOLLING [born 16 Jul 1744, married Richard BLAND (1730-1766) ]
        • Archibald BOLLING [born 20 March 1750 , married Sarah CARY (died bef 2 Feb 1774) ,  2nd married on 2 Feb 1774 Jane RANDOLPH, 3rd married 1797 the widow BYRD, and finally married the widow CLARKE] 
        Elizabeth BLAIR ,  died 22 Apr 1775. married second NN BLAND.
      • Harrison BLAIR , married Dr George Gilmer, of Williamsburg, Surgeon and progenitor of Gilmers in Virginia
    Notes of Mary Wilson:
    "evidently a charmer. By her coquetry in 1702, when she was first a widow and was about to marry Cary, she provoked a fire-eating Scot, Captain James Moodie, commanding H. M .S. Southampton, then stationed in Virginia, to threaten her father's life and to challenge Cary to a duel. Mary Wilson had three husbands-William Roscow, Miles Cary and Archibald Blair...Surviving them all, she elected to be buried with he first husband at Blunt Point." 2

    "Mary (1675-1741) had first married William Roscon [transcriber's note, as given-should be Roscow], with whom she lies buried under a handsome monument at Blunt Point, in Warwick. After his death, which ocurred Nov 27, 1700, she did not long remain in weeds, but in April , 1702, commiserating the equally sad lot of a near neighbor, she bestowed her hand upon Colonel Miles Cary, of 'Richneck' who had been bereavedat the same time, his wife, Mary Milner, having left him, 'issueless' as he tombstone states, October 27, 1700. And just here, there is a romantic episode, which I intend writing up, growing out of the frantic proceedings of one Captain James Moody, of Her Majesty's man-of-war, Southampton, who madly, though a married man, contested the hand of the fair widow, with Colonel Cary. The latter, having the inside tract, treated the woul-be bigamist with contempt, and so overwhelmed him with ridicule, that in a bloody rage he sailed around to Yorktown, where the Governor and Court were in session, and despite the Governor's threat of irons, undertook to post Colonel Cary. The Gobernor and Council took down the proceedings and promptly complained of his outrageous conduct to the home government, and the reckless villain was forthwith removed to appease the indignation of the entire colony."9
    From Pecquet de Bellet "Wilson Cary of Ceeley" and his family [Compiled by Wilson Miles Cary, of Baltimore, Md., with extracts from 'Virginia Historical Magazine', Vol IX, No., 1, July, 1901, and a few notes from Goode's 'Virginia Cousins'] 

    1.1 James ROSCOW 3,8
    Birth aft 1695, [year of parent's marriage]3
    Occ Jan 22 1716, appointed Receiver-General of Virginia3
    Desc of Hampton, Elizabeth City Co., Va; Apparently died without issue12,13

    1.2 William  ROSCOW 3,8[See Dedicated Page to This Direct Ancestor] 
    Birth aft 1695, [year of parent's marriage]
    Death aft 17363
    Occupation Sherriff Warwick 1729; 1726 and 1736 House of Burgesses rep Warwick3,14
    Resided lived in Blunt Point, Warwick County, Va3,15
    Spouse Lucy  BASSETT3,15 [See Dedicated Page to This Direct Ancestor]
    Birth 24 May 1699
    Father William [Col] BASSETT (1670-1723)
    Mother Joanna BURWELL (1675-1727)
    Children of William ROSCOW 
    and Lucy BASSETT 
    Surnamed ROSCOW
    • James
    • Mary (-<1752)
    • Several Sons (-<1768)

    1.3 Willis ROSCOW 15
    Birth 170115
    Desc died underage and without issue15
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