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Powhatan Specific
[AmerIndian Told]
[Non AmerIndian Told] 
Culture, Language, Images, and  Webrings
Virginia Indians, 
Virginia's Indian Tribes
The Powhatan Confederacy
[GREAT site including maps] 
American Indian history as told by American Indians [Includes links to tribes throughout US]
Indians [history of Va Indians from Univ Of Va -very infomative]
Native American Culture- Great site offering extensive links well categorized
State Recognized Tribes
in Virgina 
[with brief history on all]
The Powhatan Confederacy
 from the Internet School Library Media Center [GREAT site]

The Powhatan Indians 
Many many links

The Powhatan Confederacy [info on some of the tribes taken from C. W. Sams' book,The Conquest of Virginia.]


Powhatan History 
In the words of Chief Roy Crazy Horse...

History of the Pamunkey Indians from The Unofficial Pamunkey Indian Homepage

Pocahontas' people [describes numbers and manners]

The Pocahontas Myth by Chief Roy Crazy Horse

Colonial [includes Indian] Wars

Women Captives and Indian Captivity Narratives
[includes reference and links to the female captives of Martins Hundred 1644]

United States History   Native Americans  Compliments of Inquiry Unlimited  [overall compilation of online links presented readably in amalgam]

Native American Cultures

United Indians of Virginia


Virginia's First Peoples, an interactive webring

Searching for Saponi Town  Interactive and Searcheable

The language recorded by
John Smith
[deep within the  page presented]

The Virginia Indians  by John R Swanton  (From Swanton's The IndianTribesof NorthAmerica , 1952) Excellent Resource 

Virginia's Indians Past and Present 
[Great site with Many, many links] 

Virginia's Indian Tribes
The current standing


Powhatan Confederacy Tribal  Webpages:
Powhatan Renape Nation, [Rankokus Indian Reservation]

Mattaponi Indian Reservation

Monacan Indian Nation

Nansemond Indian Tribal Association

Chickahominy Indian Tribe

The Wicocomico Indian Nation Homepage 


Searching for Saponi Town [A siouian people of Va and NC] 

Tributary Indians of 1670
a census of sorts


Chronology of Indian Activity  involving Jamestown   [a VERY brief site] 

Treaty Between Virginia And The Indians 1677

That treaty explained at
the "Treaty of Middle Plantation"


Images :
Powhatan Villages [image gallery and some facts]

White Watercolors
[contemporaneous to
subjects] and 
De Bry Engravings 
of the 

"The True Pictures 
and Fashions of the 
People in that Part 
of America Now Called 
Virginia" by John White(?), 
1584 & 1588.

Mapof  Early IndianTribes,
Culture Areas,and 
Linguistic Stocks - 
Eastern U.S.
[wonderful resource]

Virginia Indian Tribes 
from  Blue Ridge Cousins 
[map and info]


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