The Native Americans of Virginia and our European Ancestors
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The Native Americans of Virginia are part of the Virginia and our Virginians Chapter, found in Volume I:  Our American Immigrants,  of the Two Volume Within The Vines Historical Family Study. Virginia Natives feature in the experience of our Virginia forebears, all of whom are part of the Howard and Allied Lines , which, with the Swope and Allied Lines, [none of which group resided in Virginia], forms the basis of the genealogical portion to the  Within The Vines website.
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The Native Americans of Virginia involves many pages catalouged under general topics.


Direct Surnames  
strongly entwined
with the
Powhatan Conf.  
Early Jamestown 
Residency & its
[Constantly evolving] 
  • A) The Powhatan Confederacy of The Virginia Tidewater : Gateway and Table of Contents page 
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    Contact era member tribes,  territories, their native American  enemies, and  the culture,  dress and homes of this people are discussed in its topic pages provided at the Gateway and Table of Contents page. Other pages are dedicated to two post contact chiefs, and the  post contact military history of the nation.  The Powhatan people were well known to many of the surnames studied in the  Howard and Allied Lines  ,  just as they were well known to  all settlers of Jamestown and its outlaying settlements . 

    The Powhatan were  intimately involved in the Jamestown  colony's life and experience, as were their two great chiefs, half brothers, both great advocates for their people with widely differing styles of leadership. The pages address the Powhatan's role in the survival of England's first permanent settlement in America,  their leaders & military actions against interlopers, their fate within Virginia history while providing links to some of the ancestors studied in these pages whose own experiences strongly intertwined with the Powhatan of Virginia.