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Included are footnotes on who some of the others in the document are or may be linked from the point of their name entries
with the document text

Naturalization Document for Johannes SWOPE 1

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WHEREAS, By encouragement given by the Honorable William Penn, Esq., late Proprietary and Governor of the province of Pennsylvania, and by permission of his Majesty, King George the First, of blessed memory, and his predecessors, Kings and Queens of England, &c., divers Protestants, who were subjects to the Eemperor of Germany, a Prince in amity with the Crown of Great Britain, transported themselves and estates into the province of Pennsylvania, between the years one thousand seven hundred, and one thousand seven hundred and eighteen; and since they came hither have contributed very much to the enlargement of the British Empire, and to the raising and improving sundry commodities fit for the markets of Europe, and have always behaved themselves religiously and peaceably, and have paid a due regard and obedience to the laws and government of this province; And whereas, Many of said persons, to wit Martin Meylinf4, Hans Grafff5, and others, all of Lancaster county, in the said province, in demonstration of their affection and zeal for his present MajestyŪs person and Government, qualified themselves by taking the qualification, and subscribing the declaration directed to be taken and subscribed by the several acts of parliament, made for the security of his MajestyŪs person and Government, and for preventing the dangers which may happen by Popish Recusants, &c., and thereupon, have humbly signified to the Governor and Representatives of the freemen of this province in General Assembly, that they have purchased and do hold land of the proprietary, and others, his MajestyŪs subjects within this province, and have likewise represented their great desire of being made partakers of those privileges which the natural born subjects of Great Britain do enjoy within this province; and it being just and reasonable, that those persons who have bona fide purchased lands, and who have given such testimony of their affection and obedience to the Crown of Great Britain should as well be secured in the enjoyment of their estates, as encouraged in their laudable affection and zeal for the English constitution;
Be it enacted by the Hon. Patrick Gordon, Esq., Lieut. Governor of the province of Pennsylvania, &c., by and with the advice and consent of the freemen of the said province, in General Assembly met, and by the authority of the same, That Martin Meylinf4,Hans Graaff5, Christian Stoneman, Jacob Funk, Francis Neifff9, Francis Neiff, Jr.f9, George Kindeck, John Burkholderf6, John Burkholder, Jr.f6, Abraham Burkholder, Michael Bowman, John Hess, John Frederick, Christopher Prenimanf7, Martin Harnist, Joseph Buckwalter, Felix Landes, Jr., Adam Prenimanf7, John Funk, John Bohman, John Taylor, Henry Neifff6, Michael Mire, Henry Bare, Peter Bumgarner, Melcor Hufford, Melcor Erisman, John Brubaker, Jacob Nisley, Hans Snevely, Jacob Goot, John Woolalegle, Jacob Mire, Chrisopher Sowers, Joseph Stoneman, Daniel Ashleman, Christian Peelman,John Henry Neifff10, John Henry Neiff, Jrf10., Abraham Hare, John Ferief11, Jacob Biere, Peter Yordea, Peter Leamon, Hans Jacob Snevely, Isaac Coffman, Andrew Coffman, Woolrich Rodte, Henry Funk, Roody Mire, John Mylin, Jacob Bheme, Hohn Coffman, Michael Doneder, Charles Christopher, Andrew Shultz, John Houser, Christian Prenimanf7, Jacob Miller, black, Henry Carpenter, Emanuel Carpenterf8, Gabriel Carpenter, Daniel Herman, Christian Herman, Philip Fieref2, Mathias Slaremaker, Big John Shank, Jacob Churts, Jacob Snevely, Jr., John Wollrich Hover, John Croyder, John Leeghte, John Stampher, Martin Graaf, Peter Newcomat, Jacob Bare, Jr., John Henry Bare, Jacob Weaver, Henry Weaver, John Weaver, David Longanicker, George Weaver, Abraham Mire, Woolrick Houser, John Mire, Henry Musselman, Michael Shank, Jacob Miller, Jacob Miller, Jr., Martin Miller, Peter Abye, Hans Goot, Christian Staner, John Jacob Light, Adam Brand, Christopher Franciscus, Casper Loughman, Frederick Stay, John Line, John Swope, Bastian Royer, Jonas Lerow, Simeon King, John Abye, Everhard Ream, all of Lancaster county, be, and shall be to all intents and purposes deemed, taken, and esteemed, His MajestyŪs natural born subjects of this province of Pennsylvania, as if they and each of them had been born within the said province, take, receive, enjoy, and be entitled to all rights, privileges and advantages of natural born subjects, as fully, to all intents, and constructions and purposes whatsoever, as any of his MajestyŪs natural born subjects of this province can, do or ought to enjoy, by virtue of their being His MajestyŪs natural born subjects of His MajestyŪs said province of Pennsylvania.

1. This Naturalization Document appears on line at the pages of Pa Roots with original source citation and in posting entitled:
Naturalization Doc. 1729, Slaymaker & Various
Posted By: Jon <jon.althouse@azbar.org>
Date: January 5 2001
The Transcriber States: "This transcription is taken from:
J. I. Mombert, An Authentic History of Lancaster County in the State of Pennsylvania, J. E. Barr & Co.: Lancaster, PA, 1869. ("We are indebted to Abraham Meylin, of West Lampeter township, for a copy of it. This document has been upwards of one hundred and fourteen years in the possession of the Meylin family. It is an act passed Anno Regni Georgii II, Regis Magnæ Britanniæ, Franciæ et Hiberiæ, tertio, October 14, 1729.")"

Footnotes regarding Some Others within this Document:

f3. this Phillip Fiere may be Philip FERRE born 1687  Steyn-Wiel, in the Palatinate, Germany, died bef 3 Mar 1753  Leacock Twp, Lancaster Co, PA., and buried in the Ferree Cemetery In Paradise, Lancaster, PA. He married Leah DU BOIS
f3. is this the bishop Hans BURKHOLDER [ the senior]  who came with Melchior Brenneman and Bishop Hans Herr, founding the 1717 Conewago settlement? (Melchior Brenneman and Hans Herr are direct grandparents) His son Johannes born 1735 died 1800 New Danville, penna.  Of Bishop Hans Burkholder it is written:   "ABRAHAM HERR (who came with his father HANS HERR in 1710), Bishop Hans Burkholder and Melchior Brenneman formed a settlement in 1717 along the Conestoga." (Taken from Mennonites of Lancaster Conference, by Martin G. Weaver, 1931, pp. 37-38.)ÓJohn Charles Kraybill  Staten Island, NY 10301 Ancestors of Hettie Helen Mumma (main page Charlie Kraybill's Family Tree)  found at http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/k/r/a/John-C-Kraybill/index.html

Is this the Martin Maile credited with developing the Penna Long rifle and  One of the 1710 settlers with Hans Herr, and " perhaps son to Jacob Meili"?
[ from The Ebys of Switzerland prepared by Alice Neff and  linked from within the Neff Family History  žAs early as 1709, large numbers of Mennonites from Germany had moved to Holland where they received aid from their wealthy Dutch counterparts. Most of the early emigrants sailed from the ports of Amsterdam and Rotterdam then on to an area near London, England, where they remained until their number was sufficient to fill a boat. An interesting letter dated June 27, 1710, in London from emigrants under such a circumstance was signed by Martin Kendig, Jacob Muller, Martin Oberholtzer, Martin Maile (Mylin), Christian Herr and Hans Herr24. These men had gone to America upon the encouragement of William Penn his agents. Their ship the Maria Hope, arrived on September 23, 1710, in the port city of PhiladelphiaÓ[

is this the Hans Graff possible father to Eliz Grove in the marriage record for John Swope and Eliz Grov?

žDr. Francis Neff and his two sons, Francis Neff Jr. [A11] and Henry Neff [A13], signed the Martin Mylen/Wendall Bowman Mennonite Petition for Naturalization at Lancaster on February 27, 1727/28. The significance of this document was that those being naturalized attested to the fact they had arrived prior to 1718. It also establishes the family as residents of Conestoga (Lancaster County) and members of the Mennonite community there. This petition for naturalization was presented in detail with specimen signatures in the September 1994 issue of Neff News. Dr. Francis Neff was a physician and surgeon, coming to Pennsylvania most likely from Bonfeld, Baden, Germany, though he is not named in the Bonfeld emigration records of 1717. In all likelihood his parents or grandparents came from the Kappel am Albis area of the Canton Zürich in Switzerland although this connection has not been documented.
žOur earliest record of Dr. Francis Neff is his 1710 marriage to Barbara Eby, found in the Dühren, Germany, Reformed Church register. Next to his name is the notation "Anabaptist."
Author: William A. Neff. Appears in Neff Times , A Newsletter to all descendants of John Neff and Mary Barr, Spring 2000 Volume 6 Issue 1. Part 1: The Neffs in Pennsylvania

Is this the Hans Burkholder Mennonite who came with Melchior Brenneman and Bishop Hans Herr, founding the 1717 Conewago settlement? (Melchior Brenneman and Hans Herr are direct grandparents).
ž››››› "ABRAHAM HERR (who came with his father HANS HERR in 1710), Bishop Hans Burkholder and Melchior Brenneman formed a settlement in 1717 along the Conestoga." (Taken from Mennonites of Lancaster Conference, by Martin G. Weaver, 1931, pp. 37-38.)Ó
He had a son Johannes born 1735 died 1800 New Danville, Lancaster Co., Penna who married ann Brenniman, born ca bef 1698 and died 1784, son of Melchior BRENNIMAN  and Elizabeth STEHMAN, and also a son Jacob, who married Ann BrennimanŪs sister Catherine who died 1784 New Danville, Lancaster Co., Penna
Is this the Christopher Stephen BRENNEMAN born abt 1693  In Greisheim, Rhein-Hessen, Germany  died 20 Jan 1736/37  Lancaster Co., Pa., son of directs Elizabeth STEHMAN and Melchior BROENNIMANN/BRENNEMAN   who had , among other children,

Is this the Emanuel Carpenter married to LINE who also signed John Swope's  marriage certificate to Eliz Grove?
Are the two Francis NEFF's appearing here the son Francis NEFF and the  father  Dr Francis NEFF born abt 1685 Gemmingen, Germany , emmigrated 1719, died 1739 Lancaster Twp., Lancaster Co., PA, married Barbara EBY [[Barbara Eby/EBIN], and had among others son Francis born abt 1711 Germany died aft 1763 Bart Twp, Lancaster Co., PA [who had no known marriage] ?
Dr Francis NEFF does not have known relationship to Henry NEFF born  abt 1680 in the area of Dühren, Germany died about Apr 1745   Lancaster Twp., Lancaster Co., PA. It may be, however, and is conjectured that Henry NEFF's father Hans Henry [ Dr. ] NEFF was also be the father to Francis/Frantz Neff emmigrated 1719. Two Henry NEFF's  [under John Henry NEFFs] also appear in  this document ,  as noted.

Is this relevant to the father Hans Heinrich and son also  Hans Heinrich (Dr.) NEFF born abt 1680 in the area of Dühren, Germany, emmigrated 1717, and died Apr 1745  Lancaster Twp., Lancaster Co., PA and married twice, first to unknown with whom he had 5 children and second to Franca surname unknown with whom he had abraham?   Dr Hans Heinrich NEFF  may be brother to Dr Francis NEFF likewise apparantly appearing on this page. Dr Hans Heinrich's father was Hans Henry [ Dr. ] NEFF flourished 1687 Duhren, Germany [owned a house there this year] felt perhaps likewise the father to Dr Francis NEFF shown above. Conjectured is the sibling relationship between Dr Francis NEFF and Dr Heinrich NEFF as sons of Dr Han Heinrich NEFF , Sr.

Is this John Ferree born 1685-1688 Lyons, France and died  Sep 1769 In Lancaster County whose brother Daniel swore allegiance in 1708? John  was son to Daniel FERREE and Mary WARENBUER/WARRIMBERE, Huegenots. As a widow Mary sought the assistance of William PENN in England, and Received a Land Grant From Penn, And Tools For Farming From Queen Anne.

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