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Eve SWOPE [AKA Maria Eva /Eve Maria] married GENTZLER and BENTZ; Eve is Among Cynthia's Most Wanted

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Eve SWOPE is a Lonesome Swope Within The Vines, not yet having any known blood relation to others present securely within the Swope data base. If you have any information regarding Eve SWOPE please contact the webmistress. She, with others, is among Cynthia's Most Wanted

Eve Swope was born Nov 14 1750 , died 15 Jan 1839 and was burried Barrens Cemetery. She married first [before 1767 in York Penna] to Conrad [Johann Conrad] GENßLER / GENTZLER [born 15 MAR 1745/46 Germany, died 1776 Battle of Amboy New Jersey] . She married 2nd [before 1779]  to Nicholas [Johan Nicholas] BENTZ [born Codorus Township 5 Mar 1758 died York Co., PA. 10 Jun 1828, buried Barrens Church] .  Although we have direct line BENTZ's, descending from immigrant Johannes Bentz,  the Nicholas BENTZ she married 2nd is not a known member of our Bentz family group, but research continues to encompass him, if he belongs, somewhere within the BENTZ larger family from which we are direct.

Bryan Bentz has also been searching this individual [Brian maintains a Bentz Family Genealogy Website relevant to Andreus BENTZ [of no known current relationship to our Johannes]  & also a Searchable by Archive mailing list relevant to BENTZ research].   I am attaching our two letters to the group detailing info on Eve Swope and her possible ascendancy in the table, and beside each other, below. Brian maintains dual ascendancy to Eve SWOPE via both of her marriages.

That which is known and suspected regarding Eve SWOPE:

Eva Marie Swope 
by Brian Bentz/ posted on Mar 13, 2002 11:59 PST in 

(or Maria Eva Swope, 
or just plain Eve Swope, 
b. Nov. 14, 1750)

I tentatively have identified her parents. As you may know, Eve married first Conrad Gentzler, 
then Nicholas Bentz.
Incidentally, Conrad received land from 
George Swoop (source not at hand).

When Conrad died, his will left money to "pay assignees of Nicholas Swoop 
(Ann Maria Swoope & Jacob Remer) 
for expenses.
(Historical Society of York Co., PA: 
Abstract of Wills and Orphan Court Records).

I've found a number of references to a 
Nicholas Swope, b. 14 Dec. 1752, in either York or in Bucks County, who married Anna Marie Hager. 
His father was (Hans) George Swope, 
b. Oct. 5, 1705. Nicholas may be buried
in Clermont Co., Ohio.

I think that Nicholas was Eve's brother, hence the reference in Conrad's will. I have no idea who Jacob Remer was,
but if he turns up in Nicholas Swope's genealogy (fairly well developed by various Swopes) that might be another bolt holding this identification together.

At least it's a place to start looking for verification. 


Eve Swope married Nicholas Bentz. Re a possible father.
Posted by Cynthia Swope / .  Oct 28, 2002 22:43 PST to

 Brian , this is mostly for you and may only frustrate you as it does me. This is in regards to Eve (found as Eve Marie And Maria Eva) SWOPE [she born 1750 died 1839, buried Barrens Cemetery, Washington Township, PA] who married  1st to Johann Conrad/Conrad Genßler/GENTZLER [born 1745/46, died 1776] and  married 2nd Nicholas BENTZ [born 1758 died 1828. ] I don't know if I gave what follows to you before...or if you have this in your records. The following is very dodgy information, and the only coalescing factor is the birthdate and baptism nearness in dates for him, actually. Forgive me if I've passed this on to you before, as it could be confounding to us both. However, I think it merits more research and wonder if you have pursued this individual to the following in vain .

I'm wondering if the Hans George Swope you are identifying as born Oct 5 1705 is the same as Johann Georg SCHWAB baptised 9 Jan 1706 Leimen, Heidel-, Baden , who married Lena Or Anna Barbara LEVER. [one confused online  geneology has her as LEYER, but the Swope book of Remembrance has her as  previous] Hans (Johann ) Jorg (Jeorg) SCHWAB was his father, and Anna Eva HAMMER his mother. 
"Hans Jörg or Georg, married Anna Eva Lever (some researchers say her maiden name was Schaeffner, but do not give the source of this information). His father and an unknown number of his fatherís children went to Pennsylvania in 1720. [Wife Anna Eva] was a maiden from a nearby village whom her husband met after moving to Leimen (a village near Heidelberg and the Bergstrasse Road.) least 8 children were born to them" From Swope book of Remembrance 

I have eight children born to this union, among them the Johann Georg SCHWAB baptised 9 Jan 1706 Leimen, Heidel-, Baden i mentioned above. He was a blacksmith in Paradise Township. He was alive in 1756. The Swope Book of Remembrance offers no more regarding him than that which follows: 

ì The sponsor at the baptism was Johan Georg Wohlfarth (or Wolfhardt) of "Duehren bei Sinsheim", the grandfather of Hans Georg Schwab and the great grandfather of the child. ...He was a blacksmith in Paradise Township in York County when his father died in 1756. ì

In searching for more about him, I have found the following will abstracts,  and reviewing the information in the Swope book of Remembrance, see reference  to the second. The first will abstract could be his but likely is not, as  the wife's name is not consistent. The second, the Book of Remembrance  suggests as his mother. I am wondering with their thorough research on this line in Penna if Swope book of remembrance dismissed the Geoge Swope will as  not pertaining to George son of Johann Georg SCHWAB baptised 9 Jan 1706 
Leimen, Heidel-, Baden . They pursued the children of four of the 8 children  diligently, so this may be a complete goosechase. 

 Abstracts of York Co, PA, Wills, 1749 - 1819


Of this entry, I find Swope book of Remembrance states " In York County will Book B, page 105 is the will of Ann Eve Sweven (could this be a mistranslation of the German female ending ,,Swobin"?) of Paradise Township, York County" and goes on to discuss it. 

Cynthia Swope