4th generation in America SPANGLER: Lydia** SPANGLER

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1 Lydia  SPANGLER1,2,3

Birth: 15 Aug 1785,  Paradise Twn, York,PA  Of York County1,4 , 9[
Death: 20 Dec 1841, Gettysburg, Adams Co.,Pennsylvania1,5
Burial: Evergreen Cemetery, Gettysburg, Penna
Description,  Previous Family Alliance in the SWOPE/SPANGLER Lines, Ascendancy to mid 12th century
Census Data
Father: Henry (Heinrich)** SPANGLER (1750-1791)
Mother: Maria Clara** HOKE (1762-1818)
Spouse:Adam SWOPE7,2,8,3 Marr: bef 1804
  • Children: [Full detail on children available via link given to  SWOPE Descendancy]

  • Description: Lydia was a woman loved for her many virtues; she was gentle and amiable almost to a fault. Her marriage to Adam Swope was the second time the Spangler and Swope families had intermarried. Her great aunt, (Mary Spangler) a daughter of Casper Spangler, one of the pioneers of York county, married Col. Michael Swope, of York, of Revolutionary fame.2
    The Spangler family is generously detailed both on line and in the book which Edward Spangler wrote in 1895. Access Link to Ascendancy to the mid 12th century is given in descendancy formant . G E Swope, in 1898 wrote: The Spangler family from which Lydia, wife of Adam Swope is descended have traced their family back to George Spengler, who was born 1150, died 1190. He was cupbearer to the Bishop of Wurzburg, and accompanied the Bishop and the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa on the Crusade, 1189. Both he and the Bishop died of the plague, and were buried in the church of St. Peter, Antioch, 1190. Following is the descent of Lydia (Spangler) Swope: 1 George, ,2 George, 3 Killian, 4 Killian, 5 Peter, 6 Hans, 7 Hans or Urban, 5 George, 8 George, 10 Frantz, 11 Lazarus, 12, Hans, 13 Jacob, 14 Hans Rudolf, 15 Hans Kasper (born Jan 20, 1684 married feb 9., 1712, Judith Ziegler. They emigrated to America 1727, and settled in York county, Pa. ) 16 Jonas, (born May 26, 1715 at Weyler, Duchy of Baden, died in York county, Pa., 1762. His wife, Maria, born 1718, died Oct 15 1784.) 17 Henry (born 1750, died 1791, married Oct 28 1779, Maria C. Hoke, born 1753, died 1818.) 18 Lydia Spangler married Adam Swope. Edward W. Spangler, of York, Pa., has written a very complete history of that family from which the above was taken.6

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    Census Entries:

    Either she or her mother do not Appear to be a part of Lydia's father's census of 1790:
    He is present in the  1790 Federal Census, Penna, York County, Mixed Townships.
    This census clearly shows Henry Spangler and enumerates the members of his household.  He is in the second column, 3rd from bottom and 18 entries below his daughters future In-laws entry, the Conrad Swope family.
     The headings are: Name of Head of Household (Henry Spangler) , Free White males 16 years and older including head of household (1) , Free white males under 16 years (1), Free White Females (1), All other Free persons (0), Slaves (0). See multimedia copy of same in wifes entry.

    Appears in 1830 Census for Gettysburg, Adams Co., Penna as present in home of Head of Household, her husband, Adam Swope
    Columns 2, 3, 4, 5,  show one person for all columns.(Means Free White Males: one person 5-10 years (david, son born 1824) , one 11-15 (son Samuel born 1818 and turning 12 this year , or son John Adam John born 1815 and turning 15 this year but not reflecting BOTH sons), one 16-20  and direct to line  George born 1813 and turning 17 in  1830)  one 20-30 (son Conrad Spangler  born 1807 and turned 23 in 1830  ) .   Column 8 shows entry of 2 persons (for Free white male 50 -60 years old two persons-(one of whom would be Adam Swope, Head of Household. The second of which is an unknown older male.) . Under Females, columns 2, 5, and 7 show all with one person (female 5-10 one person (Julia Ann born 1820) , 20-30 one person (Clarissa born 1804)  and 40-50 years of age one person (Lydia, wife to Adam Swope) . No other detail on family.

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    Sources for this page: 4th Generation SPANGLER; Lydia SPANGLER married Adam SWOPE

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    SWOOPE, Conrad.  Hanover Township.
    July 29, 1799    September 5, 1799
    Executors:  George Charles and John Swoope.
    Wife:  Gloria Swoope.
    Children:  John, Henry, George and Adam.
    http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/pa/york/wills/willabstrp-s.txt Son Adam.
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